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Anyone have any kind of info on just how to replace the FTPS there is no the tank being dropped. The one attached to the tank is damaged it"s basically just sitting on optimal of the tank and I acquired a replacement however can"t obtain it to go into the hole. Thanks
Tank press sensorHey man,Just wonder if you did this without dropping the tank. I have an 02 and also the diagram reflects it to be on the ago of the tank alongside the filler neck intake. Was yours there or on peak of the fuel pump. The newer version TB"s show it to it is in there.
It"s on optimal of the tank. Occasionally the nipple division off in the pump.Take a small, coarse-thread screw and screw it into the hole in the nipple and pull it out with pliers.Some fuel pump modules allow you to press the nipple through and just let that float roughly in the tank, however not always.
I think 02-04 room different
Doing some research study they started placing it ~ above the pump in 2005. Think the 02-04 is through the filler neck intake? Trying come upload a picture from a fellow member.
 1. Raise and suitably assistance the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the automobile in general Information.  2. Disconnect the fuel tank push sensor electrical connector (3).  3. Open up the retaining clip. 4. Eliminate the fuel tank pressure sensor.
Awesome diagram
I"m thinking I might need to eliminate the preventive to give me a tiny room. However it"s sounding favor the tank have the right to stay put. Found Standard electric motors brand top top Close the end on Rockauto for less than half price the the Delco. A small less hesitant about using now I understand it won"t be together labor intensive....Thanks for her help, this will most likely be informative come others. And I"m hope it takes care of the damn p0440 code!
P0440 & P0446 SES solved....

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After instead of several components and examining my whole EVAP system. Involved find the end my p0446 and p0440 was the Fuel Tank pressure Sensor providing me a faulty reading. Happy me ~ above the 02-04 the sensor is located on the back, upper left, beside the filler neck opening.It was so simple to replace when I took it come my neighborhood shop and also put the on the rack. Took less than 5 minutes. Very hard to obtain the right angle just being jacked up. The rear spring is in the way. Didn"t mental slipping the male a $20....After 04, the tank will need to be lowered sufficient to get to the sensor located on height of the fuel pump.
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