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This article contains major spoilers because that both the Fullmetal Alchemist and also the anime collection Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

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Fullmetal Alchemist is a masterpiece that a collection serialized in Monthly Shonen Gangan from 2001 come 2010. The paperback volumes have actually sold end 70 million copies, and also it has been adapted into numerous different media consisting of multiple anime series and films, games, irradiate novels, and also a live action movie. It is just one of the many popular series in Japan and around the world and its popularity reflects no indicators of slowing down.

Fullmetal Alchemist was adapted into two various TV anime, and they both have very different endings. The first anime to be made if the to be still in the at an early stage stages the publishing, because of this the anime easily overtook the available chapters, so it began to delve into an initial story. The 2nd anime series, title Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, started airing when the was coming come an end and follows the story much an ext closely. The final episode aired just a couple of months ~ the finished in 2010.

While Brotherhood is an ext or less a faithful adaptation the the, what to win me the most was the 54th episode, ‘Beyond the Inferno’. The episode adapts chapters 94 and also 95 of the, and also is around Mustang exacting his revenge ~ above Envy, who eliminated his ideal friend Maes Hughes. The is a deep emotionally drama that spans indigenous love and friendship come hatred, anger, and revenge. Let’s look ago at the again, checking out the differences between the and the anime adaptation.


The anime adaptation has actually many more flashback scenes compared to the

First that all, the anime has actually a cold opening reflecting a conversation in between Mustang and Riza right after the Ishbal War. However, the walk not have this recall here. Also, Hughes appears quite a couple of times in the anime as soon as Edward and others were trying to guide Mustang, yet the only had actually only one structure showing a photo of a young Mustang and Hughes together. The anime adaptation to express a lot more of Mustang’s abysmal hatred towards Envy and Mustang and Riza’s relationship.

Throughout the totality episode, the fight in between Mustang and Envy to be much much more detailed in the anime. The challenging guy Mustang reflecting his really human emotion of fury and the words and deeds that the homunculus gift tossed up and around are among the the most systematic parts and also weigh a lot of in this series. If you check out it native a various perspective, the story might appear fully different come you.


The ‘Inferno’ of the episode title describes the conflagration or fire that burns intensely and is a metaphor for Mustang’s burning fury here. As the word describes, the pure rage that he showed right here on his face as well as an attitude I had actually never seen prior to from the was really shocking. The anime adaptation do his rage seem even more intense than in the

The is of course in black and also white, so that expressed his rage using shadows on his face. The anime verified his whole confront with much more detailed shades and mimicked muscles to display his emotionally ups and also downs. Mustang in this scene is clearly insane. That frightens you the he might destroy what he had actually carefully accumulated until then. You might easily relate come Riza and also others who had actually to threat their stays to stop him somehow.

As for the scene where Mustang tries come burn Envy’s true body, the only had actually him usage one flame strike to burn him, when anime let that repeat his flame strikes over and also over using both hands. Ns personally love the character of Mustang, but the insanity Mustang verified in this step in the anime seriously frightened me because that the very first time. Through all the crucial frames, voice acting, sound effects, lift music and everything together, it was much more frightening 보다 the version.


Envy is jealousy of humans. His actual inside envy is revealed and also confronted through Edward, and he felt therefore ashamed the he commits suicide. Together Envy disappears into thin air, Mustang mutters ‘you’re a coward’. This words that his didn’t with Envy while he to be alive, yet ns wonder if he could understand what Mustang expected to say even if he had actually heard it.

Envy was in reality envying the human beings upon whom he had long looked down. He uncovered it so degraded to have this discussed by a human to the suggest that every he could do is kill himself.

Even if you skilled the very same level that hardship, humans deserve to usually acquire over it and move on. Yet Envy, being a homunculus, couldn’t. The felt the he’d quite die than accepting the truth. He ran far from all the humiliation, shame, anger, and hatred, instead of acquiring over that to move on and get over the past. I’m sure that is why Mustang referred to as it cowardice because that what he finished up law instead.

Getting angry as soon as looked under upon, and also feeling frustrated to the suggest of tears as soon as somebody sympathized v him. Envy was the most emotional homunculus of all. I wanted to see just how he might have responded and also acted differently when he can see his weak self.

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Regarding the long serialization, Fullmetal Alchemist creator Hiromu Arakawa stated it was “9 years of pondering about what it method to live”. Ed and Al make the efforts to produce a human, Scar to be trapped in hatred after his human being were killed, Winry shed her parents, Mustang sought revenge for the killing of his ideal friend and the homunculi envied person beings. This deep story is filled through a lot of of difficult and complex relationships. That is a real masterpiece that proceeds to be love by plenty of whatever their age and also nationality.