I want to do my very own console, so ns tried hiring number of times in the critical 5 year of mine game, using the most expensive options. I never ever saw any type of hardware engineers until the escaped monkey to be announced and also appeared in the applicants list. At that point, the video game was nearly over.

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Is the monkey the just hardware engineer you can hire, or is it feasible to hire others, earlier? probably it"s simply the lucky of who applies?



If one employee is level 5 in Coder, Writer, Designer, and Sound Engineer, you can then train them as a manager or Producer.

If they room level 5 in Director and also Producer together well, you can make lock a Hardware Engineer.

The limiting factor here is that after so plenty of level-ups, your salary will be an extremely high (2 million dollars or more).

As far as ns know, this is the only way to acquire a Hardware Engineer early in the game.


One method to obtain a hardware engineer is come level one employee up to level 5, then readjust their task to something rather (I would assume come something that"s not currently level 5). Then, level them up again come level 5. Keep doing this procedure until hardware engineer reflects up top top the list of task changes.


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