On Sept. 15, 2007, Garth Brooks made history with his tune "More 보다 a Memory." Fourteen years earlier today, the song became the very first tune ever to go into Billboard's Hot country Songs graph at No. 1.

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Co-written through Lee Brice, Billy Montana and also Kyle Jacobs, the moody, subdued "More than a Memory" to be Brooks' an initial No. 1 hit due to the fact that 1998's "To make You feeling My Love." It shows up on the compilation The can be fried Hits.

"More than a Memory" features a narrator realizing that he can't forget a past romantic fling, no matter how tough he tries: "When you're finding things to perform not to loss asleep / 'Cause you understand she'll be there in your desires / That's as soon as she's / more than a memory." even burning she letters and getting to escape of picture "ain't helping me in ~ all," the song adds.

For Brice, "More than a Memory" came from a very an individual place: "I woke up one night thinking about the love of my life, an old flame, also though we hadn't been together in eight or 10 years," he tells The Boot -- so, he chose to create her a letter.

"I gained halfway down the letter, and I was like, 'What room you doing? You do this all the moment -- you never send her anything. Simply go ago to bed. She's simply a memory,'" Brice continues. "Then i thought, 'Well, I'm up at 3:30 in the morning, physically, tangibly law something, writing a letter. She's still a tangible, physical component of my life, therefore she need to be much more than a memory.'"

Pearl Records

From there, Brice carried his lyrical concepts to Jacobs, who, together with Montana, assisted flesh out the remainder of the song.

CMT notes the "More than a Memory" debuted at No. 1 on the R&R country chart -- also a record -- 10 days prior to its Billboard debut. The chart-topper earn 36.3 million radio impressions, which overshadowed the No. 2 song, Rodney Atkins’ “These space My People,” by much more than 3 million impressions.

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For Brooks, the big debut likely had actually to perform with the reality that "More 보다 a Memory" was one of his most high-profile gestures because deciding to come the end of retirement in 2005. In fact, "More than a Memory" was the very first song exit under a brand-new distribution and promotion deal that his Pearl Records had inked with big Machine. The song remains his last nation No. 1 come date.

"More than a Memory" has actually also detailed some indelible moments for Brice -- consisting of the time he made decision to perform the just-written song during his first-ever cool Ole Opry appearance. "Nobody had ever heard it. I played an acoustic version of "More than a Memory," and also when I gained to the first chorus -- the first time everyone heard the -- the audience was standing up and also clapped because that me in the middle of the song," that shares. "That is a minute I'll never forget."

"After Garth exit it and it debuted at No. 1, it just exploded, and everybody who involved my mirrors knew it," Brice adds. "They would certainly sing every word, the lighters would certainly come out -- the was yes, really cool."