If you’ve acquired a GPX DVD player and need to manage it with a global remote, we have the codes needed. A GPX DVD player is often regulated with any kind of universal remote if you’ve obtained the ideal programming guide and therefore the correct far codes. If the codes listed below don’t work together with your GPX DVD player, please leaving a comment below with the model variety of your remote and DVD player, and also that we will discover you the appropriate remote code.

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GPX DVD Player global Remote Codes

GPX has been an extended-time producer the Digital Audio Devices, residence theatre Systems, Portable Audio Devices, Clock Radios, Televisions, Electronics, Karaoke Systems, Radios, DVD home Theaters, and also more. GTX equipment is interpreted for its top-quality products and also therefore the remotes are not any different. The OEM remotes indigenous GTX room solid and also neat because that the commodities they are easily accessible with. If you occur to interrupt a GPX remote or lose one amongst your remotes, Remotes.com may have the actual OEM GPX remote replacement the you just need.


Using the code(s) detailed above, routine the remote straight using the succeeding steps.

Enter Setup Mode

Press and hold down the SETUP button on the remote until the red light on the remote activates. Relax the SETUP button. The red irradiate will stay on.

NOTE: The red light with either be a tiny light in ~ the highest of the remote or the basic on/off button.

Press the device type button

Press and release the machine button top top the remote because that the kind of machine you would like to regulate. The red light will certainly blink once and remain on.

NOTE: If there’s no a tool button on the remote because that your sort of device, you’ll use any device button on the remote.

Enter the machine code

Use the amount buttons ~ above the remote to enter the major code presented above. The red light will close up after beginning the fourth digit.

Tests the results

Point the far at the device. Test the buttons on the remote to ascertain if the machine responds together you’d expect. If the buttons don’t operate the device, go back to Step 1 above, and use succeeding code within the list.

Repeat this procedure for your various other devices

Testing the code for max Functionality:

Try a spread of the device’s features with the remote. If some features of your devices don’t work, attend the subsequent step to wear a special code.Repeat the hand-operated Code search from the start. As soon as the machine turns turn off for the primary time, don’t push the prevent key, which could store an identical code. Instead, v the unit now off, still push the facility vital repeatedly until the unit turns earlier on.Once the unit turns earlier on, you’ve gained found an additional code that operates the device. Push the avoid key.Test the key’s use again by do the efforts a spread out of functions. If the password controls the mass of the device’s functions, programming is complete. If the code stored doesn’t provide maximum functionality, try another code.

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