While music"s greatest moments in metaphor are often celebrated, these honors tend to be bestowed upon artist from the realm of what is taken into consideration to be "proper" music. ThinkBob (Marley and Dylan), John, Paul, Mick, and Morrissey.(Note: they"re nearly overwhelmingly directly white men). Too often, pop music"s lyrical offerings room overlooked, dismissed as mainstream bubble-gum goo through too tiny substance, too lot froth. Yet there are a multitude that brilliant moments in popular music music musings.

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These room songs we have actually all sung hundreds—if not thousands—of time over. They space so ingrained in our subconscious, so deeply component of our music ecosystem, that rarely do we stop to totally appreciate these ones-liners, this perfectly put disco haikus, popular music paeans, R&B rhyming couplets. We understand them therefore well, we don"t oftenappreciate your brilliance, perceptiveness, capacity to prevent cliché while controlling to relate come every solitary person on the planet. Sohere, in no specific order, space our 18 ideal one-liners from the people of pop.

1. George Michael, "Careless Whisper""I"m never gonna dance again/Guilty feet ain"t gained no rhythm."George"s considered selection of metaphor conjures up the ultimate imagery that anyone that has ever cheated/been unfaithful/been an idiot, deserve to relate to.

2. Take That, "Back because that Good""In the twist of separation, friend excelled at being free."It"s simple, cruel,and rivaled only by super-specific imagery the "got your lipstick note still on your coffee cup"—or the weary resignation of "I guess now it"s time that you came earlier for good" (a companion item to that good Leonard Cohen lyric native "Chelsea Hotel #2"—"that"s all, i don"t even think that you the often"). Here"s Barlow at his most painfully relatable.

3. All Saints, "Never Ever""I"m no crazy, I"m certain I ain"t done nothing wrong/I"m simply waiting, "cause ns heard that this feeling won"t last that long."And there is heartbreak—just host tight, it"ll be ok. For other good Shaznay Lewis lyricisms, see also "Pure Shores."

4. George Michael, Fastlove"In the lack of security, made my means into the night/Stupid Cupid keeps on calling me, yet I watch nothing in his eyes."Written while he was still in the closet, George"s find for sex-related gratification is made all the more moving once you consider these words were written quickly after the death of his partner from HIV. Michael to be one of modern-day music"s best writers.

5. Britney Spears, "(Baby) One much more Time""My loneliness is death me."Consider the potency of that line, sung by a then 16-year-old Spears, and also how, perhaps, those words would later on come earlier to haunt her. Foreboding stuff.

6. Small Mix, "Shout out to mine Ex""Shout out to my ex, you"re really fairly the man/You made my heart break and also that make me who I am."Zayn Malik gets it greatest during Perrie"s verse in which she sighs relief the she no longer has to fake it. Therefore many, forgive the pun, shots fired.

7. Rihanna, "We found Love""Yellow diamonds in the night, now we"re standing next by side/As her shadow crosses mine/What that takes to come alive. We uncovered love in a hopeless place."A simple, beautiful thought around addiction, sung seamlessly through RiRi.

8. Justin Bieber, "Love Yourself""My mama don"t favor you. And she likes everyone."Tea, shade, and also perfectly pink lemonade indigenous the pen the Ed Sheeran because that JB.

9. Whitney Houston, "Greatest Love that All""I chose long ago, never to to walk in anyone"s shadow/If i fail, if i succeed, at least I"ll live as I believe."Written through Linda Creed, who had actually breast cancer at the time, this is made every the an ext heart-breaking considering Whitney"s desolate end.

10. Madonna, "Like a Prayer""Life is a mystery, everyone have to stand alone."No, because it really is. And also we really must. All the gift naval-gazing you could ask because that from a song.

11. Robbie Williams, "Eternity""Youth is wasted top top the young; prior to you know it"s come and also gone."If only we knew to completely appreciate that supple teenage skin, there was no sign by the ravages that time, disappointment, fear and betrayal. If only.

12. Beyoncé, "Irreplaceable""To the left, to the left."Because who hasn"t sung the on the rare—and beautiful—occasion of upgrade. I m sorry wasn"t the point of Beyoncé"s lyrics, however never mind.

13. Simply Red, "Holding ago the Years""Nothing had the chance to it is in good, "cause nothing ever could.""Serial shagger" Hucknall may have become a resource of tabloid josh for much of his career, therefore it"s easy to forget merely Red had actually some exceptional tracks, namely "Money"s also Tight come Mention" and this beforehand offering. Hucknall wrote this song as a teen, showing on the duration of time once his mother abandoned the family when that was three years old.

14. Spice Girls, "Wannabe""If you desire my future, forget my past."Forward-thinking feminism in one line. The freckles Girls were unapologetic, masters of their own fate, rulers of their own hearts.

15. Taylor Swift, "We are Never ever before Getting earlier Together""You go speak to her friends, speak to mine friends, however we are never ever, ever, ever getting earlier together."It"s no great surprise the Swift is a spicy songwriter; she was,of course, raised in the Mecca of metaphor and Simile, Nashville.

16. Natalie Imbruglia, "Torn""I"m all the end of faith, this is exactly how I feel, I"m cold and I am shamed, lied naked top top the floor."The perfect usage of imagery. Starkers, snot everywhere, cuddling Dominos (the heart pain diet doesn"t job-related for united state all), Beyoncé top top blast—we"ve every been over there babe.

17. P!nk,"Just prefer a Pill""I can"t stay on your life support, there"s a shortage in the switch/I can"t remain on your morphine, "cause it"s making me itch."As one allegory because that a toxic relationship, through an underlying look at drug abuse, P!nk and Dallas Austin pretty much nail it.

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18. Sugababes, "Hole in the Head""Seven hours since you went away, eleven coffees, Ricki roadway on play/But so late at night when I"m emotion blue, I"d sell my ass prior to I think of you."Yasssssss queens. Mutya, Keisha and no only had actually the best bars, however they sounded the absolute dream once they sang them.


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