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“Happy Llama Sad Llama”
See video below
The llama is made by putting up her baby finger and pointer finger only and holding your various other two fingers down through your thumb


Happy llama / upright llamaSad llama / point llama downTotally rad llama / turn llamas on their side towards each other and also shake up and also down

Super llama / scoop llamas upwardDrama llama / make llamas kissBig fat momma llama / join llamas together by by putting two reminder fingers down

Baby llama / place llamas ~ above dimplesCrazy llama / circle llamas about your earsDon’t forget Barack Ollama / scoop llamas upwardFish, fish, more fish / place best hand out, palm down, then left hand on top, role hands roughly each various other on “more” and return them to initial position on last “fish”Turtle / Hands together, palms downUH! / pull turtle right into stomachUnicorn / make horn on headPeacock! / put arms out to side through fingers spread prefer feathers

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Maggalina Haggalina →

34 think on “Llama tune (the one withactions)”

May 29, 2017 in ~ 7:57 pm

Llama sad llama holy spirit disturbed mama drama llama large fat mama llama moose goose llama ~ above the loose

Guinea Gabby

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May 19, 2017 at 3:17 pm

I love how many different versions there are! ns learned:

Happy Llama (regular llama v upright index/pinkie fingers)Sad Llama (put index/pinkie finger down, favor sad ears)Really, really Mad Llama (move index and also pinkie fingers up and also down repeatedly)

Super Llama (swoop llama with the air, like flying)Drama Llama (two llamas “nose come nose”)Big Fat Mama Llama (put both fists together, with pinkie fingers up, favor a huge llama)

Dalai Llama (llamas out to sides, palms up, together if meditating)Dizzy Llama (spin hands around each other)Falling on your face Llama (mime the llama face hitting your various other arm repeatedly)

Crooked Llama (llama arm bent down)Straight Llama (llama eight upright and also rigid)Hopping through the meadow Llama (llama arm hops across your various other arm)

Moose (thumbs on head v fingers spread, palms dealing with forward, like moose antlers)Cat (hands ~ above head v fingers together, favor cat ears)Fish (hands top top cheeks, palms back, prefer gills)BEAR! (make hands jump forward right into “bearclaws”, and also yell words BEAR)