My dad used to say this to me upon specific occasions as I was cultivation up. Ns didn’t totally understand what he expected until recently. Ns mean, I acquired the allude he was trying to make v his crass and sometimes foul mouth and tone, yet I didn’t recognize the actuality that he to be doing his ideal to express once I was younger. Now that I have actually been doing a most reflecting and also soul-searching together of late (I think it’s since I to be approaching 40 and also stuff and this is the kind of actions that friend indulge in together you action closer to center age), I’ve uncovered myself thinking about this old school saying and wondering to myself, why? What go this every mean?

We’ve all heard the saying, supposedly talked by Albert Einstein (Benjamin Franklin and also Unknown has actually been attributed come this quote as well): “the an interpretation of insanity is doing the very same thing over and also over again and also expecting different results”. The course, insanity in that is medical definition is hardly that easy to describe. Yet I do get the meaning behind the madness. If you store repeating actions that don’t gain you all over (or least, don’t obtain you where you desire to be), why repeat them? Why not shot something new? Why no charge it come the game and also move top top to hopefully greener and an ext fruitful pastures?

Because, as humans, ns think we favor pain. I think we choose the entirety whoa is me scenario as soon as it services us. And also when the doesn’t, why countless of us just cry foul.

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I am among those numerous people.

Placing blame ~ above others as soon as it isn’t warranted since I want to beat the victim card. Yeah, I’ve excellent that. Not admitting a monumental mistake just to shot to save face, well, I’ve done that too. Ns have displayed repeated habits that suggest that there have to be miscellaneous wrong with me. Insane? Perhaps. Or simply stuck top top stupid.

Either way, v my 2014 of template of living with function on purpose, i pledge to execute better. I pledge to protect against being hard-headed because that the sake of being hard-headed. Why, if i did that, imagine exactly how successful I could be? If ns took under the airs and let walk of the pageant tide while keeping it important real—that is whereby my magic have the right to happen.

My biggest difficulty is mine pride. Yes, I stated it. And it is the pride that gets me right into a many trouble. I desire to offer help, yet hardly ever want to accept it. Talk around being a hypocrite.

I desire you to join me in discovering to let walk of that other stuff to obtain to the good. And also that method behaviors that serve no purpose various other than to hurt others and also hurt ourselves. I desire you to sign up with me in no repeating actions that don’t perform anything but keep united state stuck.

I am hardheaded, stubborn, and also loyal to a fault. These features have to be a gift and also a curse. Yet have they offered me well? Nope. For this reason I’ve gained to let that go.

I miss out on my dad currently that the is no longer with us. What I miss most is his sayings (he had actually a saying because that everything). Ns missed how he would push me to be the finest I could be even when ns couldn’t see it for myself. And also since that is no longer right here to push me, I’ve gained to push myself. For much better and because that worse. It might make me produce tears. It may make me sad. But I am here to say that ns am no afraid to perform the work.

Are you?


Janice says

January 26, 2014 at 2:51 pm


You have hit the pond on the head. Ns think a lot of us understand superficially what others room saying and yet don’t really gain the deeper definition til the human being who provided to tell united state that are gone. Iind it’s one amazing means to feel really close to them though.

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Jay mayo says

January 26, 2014 at 3:15 pm

This is such an encouraging piece. I deserve to only imagine that it couldn’t have been easy assessing yourself that closely, admitting some of your shortcomings and then share them v us. Give thanks to you because that being solid and brave enough to perform that.

I deserve to related to having to find out some great the tough way. I’ll admit that i struggled for quite some time, and also still do to a details extent, v receiving constructive criticism and also critiques. I used to take it everything people would to speak so personal. I give thanks to God for His guidance and for one of the contributors top top my website who mutual the publication ‘The 4 Agreements’ v me. The book, together with the bible of course, really started to placed things in perspective for me. It likewise aided me with analyzing myself so the I could identify the points I necessary to work-related on.

Thank you so lot for sharing your endure Danyelle. I know that we’ll have the ability to walk this journey out. We just have to take it one action at a time.

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Danyelle little says

January 26, 2014 in ~ 10:50 pm

Thanks for commenting, Jay. You space such a positive young man and also it shows. Self examination is causing obligation in life; I constantly want to proceed learning and evolving. Being a much better person work by day.