The main character reasoning of she life in the town was boring and wants to relocate someone else and finds top top a newspaper that a farm is selling in a village for a lengthy time. She goes come the town finds the human who is offering the farm and bought it. And after baying the farm the video game begins. Enyoi playing.

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File Name:2066 - Harvest Moon - much more Friends of Mineral town (U)(Trashman).zip
Year of release:2003

Important!! In bespeak to have the ability to play this video game you require an emulator installed. View the full list of obtainable GameBoy advancement emulators because that this game.
Harvest Moon - much more Friends the Mineral town ROM Download because that GBA

Harvest Moon: girlfriend of Mineral town is a farming role-playing video clip game released because that the game boy advance. In this game, there is a role reversal instead of a boy, favor in any kind of previous harvest moon games, you are now a girl. You character at some point suddenly decides to leave the big city and goes to buy one old farm yard to make it valuable by functioning on it.

You will carry out all the farm work like growing crops, elevating livestock"s, connect with locals, dig ore, and many more. Taking treatment of animals and managing crops is the main aim of Harvest moon. Together time walk on, you"ll get new tools such together a fishing pole, a brush, call bell and also a milking apparatus. You deserve to upgrade her farms and your devices and can enter the houses and also stores v the locals. There are likewise many mini-games available. All at once it"s a fun RPG game.

Game Plot

The game starts when your character is sit alone in her apartment, and also she"s bored with life in the city. She wants to try something different and also new. She watch a bulletin in the newspaper around a farm that is because that sale. She automatically decides that she wants that farm and also goes over there to look at it. She meets the mayor of the town, Thomas. Thomas is amazing to check out that somebody wants to buy this farm. The farms need several mending, yet Thomas assures the the people of the town want someone to revive the farm. Her character decides come live on the farm, and also then the video game begins.


The main aim that the video game is:

Upgrade the farm and earn money by increasing livestock, fishing, collecting wild plants, and also collecting resources.You deserve to increase the farm level by conference the goals.You to uncover a mate, provide him gifts. Communicate with him and propose to him and have a child.You need to strengthen your relationships with villagers.Collect the clues for your farming degree

Best emulator because that Harvest Moon - much more Friends the Mineral Town

You can play this game on a game boy breakthrough emulator. For windows, you can use VisualBoyAdvance M-64, NO$GBA. Mac users can download VisualBoyAdvance 2.0.2. Android users can opt because that My Boy! and also GBA emulator 1.5. Intend you have actually Linux walk for Mednafen.

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