You can"t cook automatically in Harvest Moon: save the Homeland. First, you have to upgrade your house to have a kitchen. After ~ that, friend will be able to use 3 different utensils for cooking, consisting of Frying Pan, Pot, and also Oven.

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To begin cooking, you just need to place your personality in former of the device you want to use and also then push the X button.

You can select up to 3 ingredient to usage from your bag, then press the start button to begin the cooking process, and also the O button come cancel.


If friend don"t understand or forgot the surname of the ingredients, you have the right to press the select button on each item to check out the description.

The ingredients you store in the Fridge are not obtainable as a cooking option for this reason you have to put castle in her bag an initial if you desire to usage them.

Harvest Moon: save the Homeland cooking Recipes

The difficulty with cooking here is the recipe, the nescience the the food preparation recipes will cause you to gain the failure dishes.

Therefore, ns make a complete list of every the cooking recipes in Harvest Moon: save the landscape to help you out. Usage the correct food preparation utensils and special ingredients to create valid dishes.

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If you"re top top mobile, please view the tables listed below on the landscapescreen because that a much better experience.

Frying Pan Recipes

cooking recipes Ingredients
Cheese Omelet Egg 2x, Milk
Simple Omelet Egg, Milk
Sunny side Up Egg/Golden Egg
Fruit Omelet Egg 2x, an extremely Berry/Blueberry
Vegetable Omelet Egg 2x, 1 types of vegetable
Mixed Omelet Egg, Mushroom
Special Cheese Omelet Egg, Breadfruit, one-of-a-kind Cheese
Pancake Breadfruit, Milk, Egg
Cooked Fish Small Fish
Sauteed Fish w/Cream Large Fish, Milk, Herb
Special Fish Large Fish, Milk, Herb
Sandwich 1 Hard Boiled Egg, Soft Bread
Sandwich 2 Soft Bread, Tomato
Sandwich 3 Cheese, Soft Bread

Oven Recipes

cooking recipes Ingredients
Flan Egg, Milk
Fruit Flan Egg, Milk, an extremely Berry/Blueberry
Cake M. Milk, Egg, Breadfruit
Simple Cake S. Milk, Egg, Breadfruit
Fruit Cake Milk, Egg, really Berry/Blueberry
Cheesecake G. Egg, G. Milk, Breadfruit
Honey Cake Breadfruit, Honey, Egg
Special Cheesecake Breadfruit, Milk, Egg
Leaf Grilled Fish Fish, Herb

Pot Recipes

recipe Ingredients
Hot Milk S. Milk
Yogurt M. Milk
Cheese L. Milk
Special Cheese G. Milk
Cream the Tomato Soup Milk, Tomato
Cream that Mushroom Soup Milk, Mushroom
Creamy Soup Milk, Potato
Corn Soup Corn, Milk
Blueberry Jam Blueberry 3x
Cranberry Jam Cranberry 3x
Moon Berry Jam Moon Berry 3x
Very Berry Jam Very Berry 3x
Mixed Berry 1 Blueberry, Cranberry, an extremely Berry
Mixed Berry 2 Blueberry, Cranberry
Mixed Berry 3 Blueberry, really Berry
Mixed Berry 4 Cranberry, very Berry
Bouillabaisse Fish, Tomato
Hard Boiled Egg Egg

That"s every you must know around cooking recipes in Harvest Moon: conserve the Homeland. Happy cooking~