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* (CBS4) – south Floridians know just how to prepare because that a disaster, after ~ all, we’ve gained hurricane season year after ~ year. However in the wake of the disastrous earthquake and also massive tsunami in Japan, many civilization are wondering even if it is a tsunami can strike Florida.While we’d like the prize to be ‘no chance’ at all, it’s no that simple. There is in reality a “very far chance” a tsunami could hit the Sunshine State. The good news? Most tsunamis are connected with significant earthquakes which makes the opportunity of a tsunami hitting Florida’s east Coast really small.

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The Atlantic Ocean container does not have big faults like the Pacific, i m sorry are linked both through earthquakes and also tsunamis. The is believed that rare underwater landslides would pose a better risk in the Atlantic Ocean.

While the Caribbean region does have a background of both earthquakes and also tsunamis, they have not influenced Florida’s coastlines.

Regardless, the Weather Service and also its parental agency, the national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, have a warning device in place, which includes a network of buoys in the Atlantic Ocean and also Gulf of Mexico, and also have encouraged several neighborhoods along the nation’s East shore to enroll in the Tsunami ready program.

The two in the program in Florida room Indian Harbour beach in Brevard County and Naval station Mayport near Jacksonville.

Although many civilization envision a tsunami as one gigantic wall of water, it’s in reality a collection of an effective fast-moving tide that deserve to suddenly inundate a shoreline. A tsunami have the right to travel at speeds of 500 to 600 mph. A major tsunami will certainly cross whole ocean prior to it slows and also rises in a towering wall of water.

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Such catastrophic waves space unlikely but not difficult for Florida and the nation’s east Coast, according to tsunami researchers, while Caribbean island dwellers have more reason to be wary.

Meteorologist Bart Hagemeyer from the national Weather organization says an earthquake in the Caribbean region is likely to task wave energy much more to the north and also less toward Florida. But the direction can vary and much of the outcome depends on the lot of energy released by the earthquake.

The extremely unlikely tsunami the Florida can keep in mind might come from throughout the Atlantic, developed by the please of a volcano in the Canary Islands turn off the coast of Africa, say experts. For years, some have actually thought the the turbulent volcanic structures in the Canary islands would reason massive tsunamis to slam into the East coastline of the U.S. If lock crumbled right into the sea.

That would have the potential of a not just a garden-variety the tsunami, yet a “mega-tsunami,” according to Hagemeyer.

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Still, Florida has actually one huge factor in that is favor. The shallow waters off Florida’s shores will act as a breakwater, dissipating a tsunami’s energy.

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