Difference in between Parallelogram and also Rectangle

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Geometry addresses the classification of shapes and figures, which can likewise be explained as the spatial orientation of one object. There is a broad array of various geometrical shapes, consisting of the two-dimensional quadrilaterals. This describes all four-sided geometrical shapes, which are further separated into 4 categories, specific trapezoids, isosceles trapezoids, kites, and parallelograms. These space all straightforward shapes that execute not crossing itself and also consists of one area fastened by four sides.

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What is a Parallelogram?

A parallelogram is classified as a closeup of the door quadrilateral number with congruent or similar opposite political parties that are parallel, also known together a quadrangle. The two parallel political parties are known as the bases of a parallelogram, through the distance in between the pair described as the height. The area of a parallelogram have the right to be described as (1/2)h(2b), or quite bh, whereby h is height, and b denotes base. One more feature distinguishing parallelograms is the 2 pairs that parallel lines. The diagonals are another feature to consider; when drawn between opposite angles, the lines specifically bisect every other. Every of this diagonals has tendency to divide the parallelogram right into two same triangles, if both diagonals crossing divides that into 4 triangles, opposite triangles being equal. When the squares that the sides space added, that is the very same as the sum of the diagonals. A parallelogram additionally has supplementary surrounding angles.


What is a rectangle?

A rectangle is often explained as a special case of the parallelogram, due to the fact that it has comparable properties but with the height being the very same as among the parallel sides. This method the formula because that a rectangle is lw (length x width) rather of bh. Rectangles likewise have 2 opposite parallel sides, return it additionally has perpendicular sequential sides, which means opposite angles are always 90°. The diagonals always bisect each other and an outcome in line sections of equal length. In various other words, a parallelogram that possesses same opposite sides and also 90° angles, is called a rectangle.

Parallelogram Vs. Rectangle

1. Classification

These space both quadrilaterals, through a rectangle gift classified as a kind of parallelogram. Parallelograms and also rectangles both have two set of parallel sides, although a rectangle has actually consecutive political parties that space perpendicular.

2. Angles

The opposite inner angles that both a parallelogram and rectangle are equivalent. The main distinction is the a rectangle always has angles of 90°, while the of a parallelogram might vary. In various other words, the angles of a rectangle are always equal, or equiangular.

3. Diagonals

In the situation of a parallelogram, the diagonals space unequal, and also it bisects the shape right into two congruent triangles. A rectangle has actually equal diagonals, i m sorry bisects the rectangle into two equal appropriate triangles.

4. Formulas

The formula because that calculating the area of parallelograms is bh (breadth x height), when the area of a rectangle is calculation by lw (length x width).

There is a ‘Parallelogram law’ that uses to parallelograms, whereby the sum of the squares of all the political parties is equivalent to the sum of the squares that the diagonals. Rectangles, top top the other hand, follow ‘Pythagoras’ law’, wherein the squares of the two surrounding sides added together is the exact same as the square that the diagonal.

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Parallelogram vs Rectangle : to compare Chart


Summary of parallel Vs. Rectangle

There are particular criteria that determine a quadrilateral form as a parallelogram. The most obvious is the existence of two pairs that parallel sides. A rectangle is recognized as a special situation of a parallelogram since it adheres to the an easy classification the a parallelogram, but it has functions that set it apart. This includes the opposite political parties of equal length intersecting at 90° in all cases. The diagonals are thus equal, and also divides the rectangle right into right triangles, vice versa, the diagonals the a parallelogram are not equal and also bisect it right into two congruent triangles v angles relying on that of the parallelogram.