I am looking to fish the Ky flow most likely pool 7 however I was curious if anyone might tell me the depth. I will certainly be in mine 19 ft bass watercraft that is an expensive jon boat till the motor it s okay fixed. I was thinking of putting in and also yellowcomic.comg the circuit that the pools shoreline. Anybody may be to offer me any kind of idea if the is feasible and any tips. Thanks

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I fish the ky flow all the time. I mostly fish pools 1-3. The depth here is 10 come 45 foot. There is a shallow point out here and there however nothing to worry about. I am not certain of the depth at swimming pool 9 however i would think it would certainly be 5 come 25 foot.
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I fish the Boonesborough State Park swimming pool all the time. Constantly forget which pool number the is. I have an 18 foot tracker boat. There room a couple of spots that get shallow on one next or the other but you have the right to fish the whole pool. Over there are an ext sunken trees as you move up the river but as long as you remain in the center of the flow you will certainly be fine.

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I went last week to the Camp Nelson ramp ~ above the KY River. First, be warned the it costs $5, not free as is proclaimed on the KY Fish and also Wildlife site. I sent them a note to exactly this so people are not surprised. I don"t understand if the is always like this, however if you placed in there be careful and stay come the too much downstream next of the ramp. Over there is a steep drop off if you go down the middle. The upriver side trailer tire blew out. I only have actually my trolling engine right now so I started up flow to walk to the tailwater the the dam however after 30 min and only going around a fourth of the means I gave up and also just fished roughly the ramp area. No bass or bluegill or anything other than black colored suckers and also long sleep Gar (tons that both). I determined to play with the Gar out of boredom and had fun. I only boated one but had a blast v them. I did have some monster (either Gar, Muskie or Flathead) come out from under a log and rip off my bait. Ns was covering shocked after withnessing it. I observed the white under belly and it to be a great four feet long! Cool! i am going come go back with nylon rope lures and wire leaders and also see if i can"t record a bunch the the Gar and hopefully that log under a log even with the flat tire and also my boat sitting cockeyed on my boat after loading the up, I had fun because of the gar. Ns can"t wait come fish the river again, specifically once my big motor is functioning so i can obtain to the tailwater. Ns really recommend it come anyone. Beware that there are some shallow locations but if you room paying any attention in ~ all and also going slow-moving you will be ok. Enjoy