Kimberly beam Biography and also Wiki

Kimberly beam (b. Jul 9, 1967) is one American senior Pastor, author, and producer the ‘A Time that Intercession’, an worldwide televised program that began in 2002 till this present time airing on words Network in more than 200 countries. She preaches at Angie beam Ministries-Church.

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Kimberly beam Age and also Birthday

Kimberly to be born ~ above July 9, 1967, in the unified States, She is 53 years old as of beforehand 2021. Ray started ministering in ~ 19 years.

Kimberly ray Height

Ray stands at an typical height and also stature. Her actual height measurements will be to update soon as soon as established.

Kimberly ray Family, Parents

Kimberly is the proud daughter the Dr. Angie Ray. Her mother is the founder the Angie beam Ministries located in Matteson, IL i m sorry she took over after the fatality of her mom.

Her father’s identification is unknown. This ar is under review and will be updated soon.

Kimberly beam Siblings

Ray was raised alongside she brothers and also three sisters; Denise Ray, Cheryl Ray, and Tanya Ray. She sisters additionally serve as evangelists in your moms’ church. Jacqueline Denise beam was born in Sheffield, Alabama.

She started preaching the gospel the Jesus Christ once she was only 16 years old. She has actually served as Angie ray Ministries’ occasion planner, fundraiser coordinator, and also youth pastor.

Denise is the Chief operating Officer the Angie ray Ministries Storehouse and also an worldwide Chaplain of jail Ministry. Cheryl is the church’s administrator; She deserve to lead the totality church into powerful Warfare prayers as she is social and understanding.

Kimberly Ray

The youngest of Ray’s sisters, Tanya is a songbird able come lift you into the true heart of worship. Her an initial album, ‘Every day v Jesus’, won her the Gospel entertainment artist of the Year Award at the 20th yearly Chicago Music Awards.

Kimberly ray Husband, Is She Married?

Moving ~ above to her marital affairs, PastorKim is happily married to her loving husband Elder Victor Gavin. The duo got married top top July 27, 2014, on that distinct day the senior pastor and her husband invite friends and family and they take it videos and pictures come commemorate the day.

Kimberly ray Children

Pastor ray is a proud mom of three kids whom she acquired while she to be at a young age. Much more information on her youngsters is under review.

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Kimberly beam Net Worth

Kimberly Ray has actually an approximated net worth varying from $1 million to $5 million together of 2021. She primary resource of income is her career as a pastor.