What"s in a name? Plenty, it transforms out. Though countless of the NFL"s most popular franchises have names linked to their regional history – think about the new England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers – over there are numerous other that deserve to leave pan scratching your heads.

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After all, there are no (and never ever were) Jaguars in Jacksonville or Panthers in Charlotte. And also what connection do the Raiders need to Oakland or the receipt to Buffalo? Pretty much none.

But team ownership groups put a the majority of thought into their selections, therefore here"s a look at at how every NFL team got its name.

Baltimore Ravens


Buffalo"s original All-America football Conference team was originally called the Bisons, however was adjusted to the receipt in 1947, once the team organized a specify name contest. The idea to be to respect Buffalo bill Cody. In 1960, once Buffalo gained an American Football league franchise, the name was retained.

Cincinnati Bengals


Honoring their famous coach Paul Brown, the surname Browns was the winner because that a 1945 fan-naming contest for the AAFC team in Cleveland. But Brown vetoed the idea and the team was collection to be dubbed the Panthers. It turned out a regional businessman owned the best to the name "Cleveland Panthers," so Brown agreed to the usage of his name.

Denver Broncos


Developed by info gleaned from emphasis groups, the surname Texans beat the end Apollos and also Stallions because that the expansion team that began play in 2002.

Indianapolis Colts


Selected v a pan contest, the Jaguars name beat out Sharks and also Stingrays as soon as the NFL expanded to this southerly city in 1995. Despite Jaguars aren"t aboriginal to this component of Florida, the oldest living jaguar in north America does reside in ~ the Jacksonville Zoo.

Kansas City Chiefs


This was picked with a pan contest. Once then-owner Joe Robbie announced the surname in October 1965, the said, "Dolphins have the right to attack and also kill a shark or a whale. Seafarers say bad luck will pertained to anyone who harms them."

New England Patriots


In its initial incarnation in the AFL, this team was dubbed the Titans, yet in 1963, when Sonny Werblin take it over, he readjusted the name to the Jets, which that considered much more modern. An additional story is that due to the team"s proximity to LaGuardia plane (the team initially played in ~ Shea Stadium), specify name the team after ~ airplanes make sense.

Oakland Raiders


They were originally named after the neighborhood baseball team, the Pirates. However in 1940, then-owner art Rooney Sr. Changed it come reflect the community. Pittsburgh is recognized as "Steeltown" and also was the cradle that America’s stole industry.

San Diego Chargers


Originally the Houston Oilers, this team played together the Tennessee Oilers for two seasons prior to team owner Bud Adams took public intake and cleared up on the Titans, due to the fact that it means "strength, leadership and also other heroic qualities." Additionally, with Nashville being known as the "Athens of the South," the term indigenous Greek mythology was a great fit.

Arizona Cardinals


Though falcons have no relationship to Georgia, the name beat the end Crackers, Peaches, Fireballs and also Thunderbirds, to surname a few. The teacher who argued the name created in she essay "The falcon is proud and dignified, with great courage and fight. It never drops that is prey. It"s deadly and also has a good sporting tradition."

Carolina Panthers


The team to be originally located in Decatur and also named after the starch company, Staley, the was its vital sponsor. George Halas, a star player as well as founder and also manager, relocated the team to Chicago and also renamed the the bears in 1922. The reason? The Cubs were currently in town and Halas assumed football players to be bigger than baseball players, for this reason the name must be Bears.

Dallas Cowboys


Like lot of of team owners prior to him, then-majority owner George Richards selected Lions in 1934 as a nod come Detroit’s baseball team, the Tigers. Richards believed the lion was the "monarch that the jungle," and he hope his team would certainly mimic the animal.

Los Angeles Rams


The earliest team surname still in use today, the Packers were so named due to the fact that of the neighborhood meat pack industry, but additionally because the Indian packing Company detailed $500 for uniforms and a ar to practice.

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Minnesota Vikings


This one was a no-brainer. The NFL awarded brand-new Orleans an development team in 1966 on November 1 -- all Saints work -- and the city itself is famous not just for jazz, however for the track "When the Saints walk Marching In."

New York Giants


Playing in among America"s most historical cities, the Eagles have actually one the the league"s most historic names. The society was formed during the era that FDR"s new Deal, and also owner Bert Bell choose Eagles, the symbol of the welfare program, because he hoped his brand-new NFL team was likewise headed for bigger, much better things.

San Francisco 49ers


Another word because that "osprey," the surname Seahawks to be selected native a challenge when the NFL expanded to Seattle in 1976. Upon unveiling the name, Seattle GM man Thompson said, that "reflects our Northwest heritage and belongs come no other significant league team."

Tampa bay Buccaneers


The franchise was originally located in Boston and took the surname of the Braves, one of the regional baseball teams. Founder George preston Marshall changed the surname to Redskins after ~ its very first season, which to be poorly attended and also had substantial budget overruns. Legend has actually it that Marshall picked the name to honor wilhelm Henry "Lone Star" Dietz, who was recognized at the time to be a aboriginal American head coach. But subsequent study has displayed that Dietz could have been a fraud as he was "jailed because that falsifying his indigenous American identification to avoid the breeze in human being War I", and also there were accounts the he was "a German American from Wisconsin who wanted come play football as an Indian to cash in ~ above the reputation accorded athletes such together Jim Thorpe, his good friend."

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