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The Cold War refers to the era in between 1945 and 1989, as soon as the united States and also its allies were engaged in a challenge for the “hearts and minds” that the world, in opposition to the initiatives of the USSR and its satellites in the Soviet bloc. Amongst the vital elements...

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The Cold War refers to the era between 1945 and also 1989, when the unified States and also its allies were involved in a dispute for the “hearts and minds” that the world, in opposition come the initiatives of the USSR and also its satellites in the Soviet bloc. Among the crucial elements the the “war” were an emphasis on consumerism, which advocated American assets as necessary and also superior; the room Race; and extensive propaganda showing all elements of post-Revolutionary Russia together bad.

Television play a key role in disseminating pro-American and also anti-Soviet propaganda. Case comedies consistently touted the peaceful, orderly life the happy, American, suburban atom families, when commercials denote the products that Americans could gain delight by purchasing. Social troubles at home were downplayed, while Soviet Russia was presented to be severely afflicted through shortages.

After the Soviets properly launched a satellite, Sputnik, in 1957, and also then put a cosmonaut right into orbit, the joined States sped up its initiatives to surpass the achievement. Once the US space program had developed enough to record up, chairman Kennedy declared the goal of reaching the moon, which the country accomplished in 1969.

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Anti-Communism in ~ home and anti-Soviet info were supported in movies as well. Espionage came to be a standard subject of famous culture, both in light-hearted therapies such together James link movies and in significant indictments such together I to be a Communist because that the FBI. The danger that Soviet techniques of “brainwashing” might turn loyal Americans into traitors was emphasized in The Manchurian Candidate, which built on the anti-Red hysteria the McCarthyism and the residence Committee hearings.