The empire,Long divided, must unite;Long united, need to divide;Thus the has ever been—Luo Guanzhong, thing 1, Moss translation

Luo Guanzhong’s opening lines space deeply spiritual—or philosophical, if girlfriend like. To those familiar with East eastern religion and philosophy, especially Taoism, lock evoke the id of yin and yang, the cyclical churning that winter and also summer, chaos and also order. Chinese philosophy, an especially Taoist, Confucian, and also Legalist theory, suffuses his retelling the the three Kingdoms and also the Magic collection based ~ above it.

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Zhang Jue to be a Taoist mystic, healer, and rebel general; I obtained the abilities of Yellow Scarves General, Taoist Hermit, and also Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero to express his location at the confluence of number of roles. I provided him a hybrid mana price with green, since Taoist Hermit and also Taoist Mystic are both green, indicating the at the very least for the purposes of this set, Wizards assumed it finest to associate Taoism through that color.

Another glaring omission, as soon as P3K is contrasted to modern Magic, is equipment. Prefer many old or also modern fantastic stories (The knife in the Stone, the track of Roland, The lord of the Rings, etc.), the presence of legendary tools is conspicuous. Over a half-dozen called weapons exist, and numerous lines in the romantic make recommendation to the kind and style of weapons being wielded by combatants. In 1999, we didn’t yet have actually equipment, however that doesn’t have to limit united state in 2021. In chapter among Luo’s novel, we see three legendary tools procured and also two placed to use—Zhang Fei’s Serpent Lance and Guan Yu’s environment-friendly Dragon Crescent Blade.

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For Zhang Fei, who is often very first on the strike in the Romance, i’ve imagined a strong, if no terribly flashy, card to stand for the eighteen-span serpent headed spear. The flavor text is taken native the Roberts translate into of Luo’s novel, right after Zhang Fei and also Guan Yu dispatch some Yellow Scarves commanders. Because that the mechanics, i looked at previous iterations of spears—especially Jousting Lance, Runechanter’s Pike, and Shadowspear:


The blade pointed out in the flavor message is Guan Yu’s Crescent Blade, the same one illustrated on the map Wielding the environment-friendly Dragon. Guan Yu’s weapon is perhaps the most prestigious of every the weapons in the romance of the three Kingdoms, remaining part of his iconography to this day:


In making this equipment, ns turned to Chinese numerology. The original card, “wielding the green Dragon,” provides a creature +4/+4 until end of turn, yet four is considered nearly universally unlucky in China. However, eight is lucky—in Taoism it to represent wholeness. Thus, the casting and also equip cost here integrate to total 8, the stat rise totals 8, and when equipped to Guan Yu, Sainted Warrior, his stats come to be 8/8.

This card’s abilities are a mechanical recommendation to Juggernaut, together well, and when equipped to Guan Yu, the 8/8 Trample human body is supposed to evoke the force of Nature—fitting for a character that is periodically hailed as the “God that War.” Trample and also horsemanship can not be exponentially synergistic external of the set, however within the set, Guan Yu’s Frozen Glory should be able to cut through and also past an intercepting basic with loved one ease. Incidentally, in addition to dynasty Warriors: Destiny of one Emperor, which to be released ~ above April 29, this year has likewise seen the release of the film eco-friendly Dragon Crescent Blade, a story focusing on Guan Yu: