Our current survey that 1,002 Australians reveals that while there may be some debate about the Christmas story in our religiously varied world, Australians don’t desire to shed the true definition of Christmas.

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Our yearly research on ideal or worst gifts reveals technology is quiet voted the finest gift to receive and novelty or decorate items as soon as again space the the very least desired.

True an interpretation of Christmas tho a strong sentiment


Over four in 5 Australians (85%) prefer the traditional greeting that “Merry Christmas” yellowcomic.compared to much more neutral salutations like “Season’s Greetings” (8%) and “Happy Holidays” (7%).


Although there room some debates about whether the Christmas Story must be shared, nine in ten Australians (91%) support nativity scenes in public spaces. Simply 9% the Australians to speak shopping centres and also local councils must not display screen these decorations.

religious insights

Even Australians who practice a religion various other than Christianity or have no spiritual beliefs are happy to watch a nativity scene in publicly spaces (91% of those through a religion other than Christianity and 86% through no religion think ‘it’s great’ or castle ‘should it is in allowed’).

Generational insights

The enlarge generations (Generation X, baby Boomers and Builders, 87%) are an ext likely to like the much more traditional Christmas greeting, “Merry Christmas,” contrasted to the younger generations, Generation Z & Y (81%).

The finest gifts… and also the worst


With therefore many new and exciting gadgets hitting the sector each year, it is no surprised that ripe in ten Australians (90%) rate modern technology as the best gift, or one they wouldn’t mind receiving. Experiences remain high top top the wish perform at number 2 for over four in 5 Aussies (83%). Jewellery yellowcomic.comes in in ~ number three with simply under 3 quarters of Australians (74%) saying this would certainly be their best gift or that they wouldn’t psychic receiving it.

On the bottom finish of the scale are novelty presents which are rated the worst gifts. Almost three in five Australians (57%) to speak they wouldn’t favor to obtain such trinkets or the it would certainly be your worst gift. Ornaments and decorative item yellowcomic.come in 2nd last (54% state castle wouldn’t like to receive it or that it would certainly be the worst gift).

For Australian women, the top three ‘best gifts’ space experiences (36%), an innovation (35%) and jewellery (29%). For Australian men, the height three ‘best gifts’ are modern technology (37%), experience (17%) and food gifts (16%).

Generational Insights

Although technology is regarded to only be enjoyed by the younger generations, this research study reveals modern technology is actually the number one ‘best gift’ throughout all generations.

Experiences are rate second across every generations, other than the Builder Generation (aged end 72), for whom a food gift is taken into consideration to it is in the ideal gift.

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