How have the right to you toggle between sneak and also normal stand position? It"s type of annoying having actually to save a switch pressed when I shot to build and move about to acquire a far better view of what ns am doing.

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I've began a vote on the minecraft forum for how a toggle crouch/sneak can be implemented. Feel complimentary to come by and vote. If you include your think to the comment area on the thread girlfriend can help keep the concern alive and also get noticed (=
While you"re holding transition to sneak, press the Alt an essential once. This will certainly return regulate to your mouse pointer, and also when you click the game home window again, you will be permanently crouched until you press shift again.

This just works in windowed setting - there is currently no means to toggle crouch in fullscreen. Notch has, however, expressed attention in adding sneak toggle capability.


I composed a mod that does Toggle Sneak and MUCH much more, and I arrangement on maintaining it up to date with MC versions.


Unfortunately, there"s no built-in method to toggle sneaking in Minecraft. However, friend could constantly tape under / weigh under your actual change key.


As of 1.15+ there is an alternative to toggle sneak in the availability Settings submenu in Options:


There is likewise a message list that these alternatives with much more details ~ above the Minecraft wiki and also the source that this was included in 1.15. I tested this choice myself in 1.16.2.

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If you room on a mac you can simply set the crouch command come the caps-lock key. Regrettably it doesn"t it seems to be ~ to job-related for windows.

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