A rhombus is a quadrilateral / parallel that has FOUR (4) same SIDES however not necessarily ideal angles (90°) like a square or a rectangle.

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NOTE: Because a rhombus is a parallelogram like a rectangle or square, the opposite sides are parallel and opposite angles are equal.


Any square is a rhombus, however not every rhombuses are squares.

It Is helpful To Think

It is advantageous to think the a RHOMBUS as a SQUARE or a RECTANGLE that has actually been thrust from a side so that it every sides are equal in length.


Traditional Formula

AreaRhombus = altitude x S or AreaRhombus = (d1 x d2)/2


NOTE: The ALTITUDE is the distance at best angles to 2 sides the a rhombus.

Thinking inside The Box

If you ar a RHOMBUS inside the a box (a rectangle or a square) and also then move one the its slanted next to opposing side, girlfriend will get a rectangle or a square.


If every sides that the rhombus space equal and if you ar a RHOMBUS inside of a box (a square but NOT a rectangle) and then fold the appropriate or left side that are separated by a diagonal right into the the contrary side, you will obtain a rectangle the is fifty percent of the box that it is in.

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KEY: because a rhombus is usually a square that has actually been slanted, it can still it is in treated somewhat as a square. So, rather of having actually to learn an additional formula (AreaRhombus = altitude × S), simply use the rectangle formula instead.


A rhombus with a altitude that 3 in and a side that 4 in has an area of: act the altitude as the height and also S as the width because they room all the exact same length.Use the rectangle formula rather (AreaRhombus = height x width). AreaRhombus = 3 in x 4 in = 12 in2

A rhombus with both diagonals of 4 has one area of: treat the diagonals as the height and width.Use the rectangle formula instead (AreaRhombus = elevation x width).Divide outcomes by 2. AreaRhombus = 4 in x 4 in = 16 in2/2 = 8 in2

REFERENCE: see screenshots over for graphic representations.

Memorization Tips

To assist you psychic the form of a rhombus, you have the right to think of that by that is other more descriptive name of diamond due to the fact that of that shape rather of the inexplicable name of rhombus. To aid remember the different in between a trapezoid and a rhombus shape, think of a trapezoid together looking at the ago of a car"s windshield and also think that a rhombus together a slanted box that has been extended so that all sides are equal.