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mate ,


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In Spanish, a child"s father and also godfather are, to each other, "compadres" - that is, "co-fathers." "Compadre" is likewise a classic term that reverence and friendship because that a man. The indistinguishable feminine ax in Spanish is comadre. "Compadre" and "comadre" appeared simultaneously in the work-related that provides us our very first known usage of "compadre" in English: ""Busy together common, comadre!" said Lopez as he entered, addressing the mother, "late and also early i can uncover you at work." "Yes, compadre," to be the answer." (Albert Pike, "A mexican Tale," 1834). In English, compadre way "friend and can refer to a human of either sex." "Comadre" continues to show up occasionally in English contexts, yet it is no yet well enough established to merit entrance in English dictionaries.

Recent examples on the internet Messi had remained in touch through Neymar, his old compadre, come talk points through. — New York Times, 10 Aug. 2021 at the same time a former compadre of grandfather Massie in the House liberty Caucus, Justin Amash, claimed a plan to run for president because that the Libertarians. — The Economist, 2 may 2020 Police said that the rapper and also his compadres had been getting complaints about the odor of marijuana permeating from your hotel room, the station reported. — Harmeet Kaur, CNN, 14 Sep. 2019 Though this worldly comes to sometimes cause friction within the group, Renaldo and his compadres always uncover their means back together. — Kristen Baldwin,, 3 July 2019 here’s to the competitors and compadres who inspire us now and also throughout the year.***Best that the internet will no publish top top Monday or Tuesday yet will return top top Wednesday.***Follow James Freeman on Twitter. — James Freeman, WSJ, 21 Dec. 2018 The breeziness is a feint: Anolik has spent year on research, functioning meticulously to to fill in the blanks where Babitz or she compadres had been also drunk to remember. — Lidija Haas, Harper"s magazine, 10 Jan. 2019 this is to the competitors and also compadres who inspire united state now and throughout the year. — James Freeman, WSJ, 21 Dec. 2018 various other losers topping the list: Indianapolis, Salt Lake City and also Madison, Wis. Welcome to the club, compadres. — Angela Fritz, Washington Post, 8 Feb. 2018

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History and Etymology for compadre

Spanish, literally, godfather, from medieval Latin compater — much more at compeer