I"m searching for someone that can assist me produce a correct, systematic yellowcomic.com phrase for a school project to be supplied as a motto, similar to the maritime Corps motto Semper Fidelis, etc. Ns would like the phrase to say "God is highest" or "God is supreme."

I have used Google translate, which developed Deus est summum​ or Deus summum.

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Also, I have actually a couple of questions. First, is there currently a phrase with this meaning in presence as a motto in yellowcomic.com? Second, what are the rules because that capitalization in yellowcomic.com when a expression is provided as a motto? room all cap acceptable?

Thank you for the help from a yellowcomic.com-illiterate friend.

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While in timeless yellowcomic.com summus could have to be the ideal word, the Christian tradition uses altissimus to analyze both the Hebrew and also the Aramaic words discovered in the Old testament for the principle of “highest God”.

See e.g. Daniel, chap. 5, v. 18 (as in the Clementine Vulgate)

O rex, Deus altissimus regnum et magnificentiam, gloriam et honorem dedit Nabuchodonosor patri tuo.

which means, according to King James" Version

O you king, the most high God provided Nebuchadnezzar thy dad a kingdom, and majesty, and also glory, and honour

Deus Altissimus is the timeless expression. You have the right to use that in isolation, however if for any reason you want to usage the verb est (is) together well, you have the right to write Deus est altissimus, in middle ages style.

During yellowcomic.com"s long history, countless capitalization rules have been used at various times. Don"t worry and do every little thing you find ideal for her context.

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The ideal phrase would certainly be Deus optimus maximus, accurate “God best and greatest”.

Not just is the an interpretation right yet it has an ancient lineage which provides it perfect for this use.

Iuppiter optimus maximus is a standard pagan formula because that Jupiter.

Christianity took this expression over and the dedication Deo optimo maximo, “To God, best and greatest”, has very wide usage throughout the ages. Girlfriend will often see it abbreviation to D • O • M top top monuments.

The Wikipedia short article at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deo_optimo_maximo is fairly good.

For your use, due to the fact that you want to speak “God is greatest” rather than “To God, the greatest”, the nominative kind Deus optimus maximus will certainly be the appropriate one.

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As a musician my very first thought goes to in excelsis Deo.

Excelsis seems to have been analyzed in a multitude of ways. Some interesting thoughts on this and also on usage of in excelsis/altissimus are offered in this question.

EDITIn a comment Joonas Ilmavirta kindly stated a grammatical error in mine answer. For searchability ns will just copy the comment in here:

Because the the dative form in excelsis Deo means "to the God in highest". If you want to speak "the God is in highest", you have to switch Deo to Deus. You can also include an clearly est ("is") prior to it if friend want.

Apologies for my poor skills, I have actually not preserved what tiny I learned in school 35 years ago but was however left v a love because that the language.

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I offer right here a different alternative, i beg your pardon is an extremely motto-prone, however a rather cost-free translation the your original sentence:

Quis ut Deus? Who is choose God?

It is the meaning of the name Michael (Hebrew מִיכָאֵל). The phrase in its well-known yellowcomic.com type is not literally attested in the Bible, however is current in the Church Fathers (e.g. St. Gregory the Great, Hom. 34.9, c.593AD) and is a paraphrase of number of Biblical passages. You can uncover it together an inscription in a huge selection of places, indigenous Canada to Germany come France to Portugal.

Although it is no a literal meaning translation of your initial sentence, it is fairly popular and also has been used prior to as a motto (more examples, and also yet one an ext example of who not dubbed Michael). Together this site puts it, "this is a rhetorical question, implying no human being is choose God".

Re: your side questions,

Is there already a phrase with this definition in presence as a motto in yellowcomic.com?

Maybe that"s why I assumed of this option in specific.

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Second, what are the rules for capitalization in yellowcomic.com once a expression is supplied as a motto? room all caps acceptable?

All caps room absolutely acceptable. Lowercase letters emerged during the history of yellowcomic.com as a living language. All caps is perhaps the most common choice for inscriptions, but you deserve to find various sets the capitalization rules throughout yellowcomic.com history. If you want to provide it an old taste girlfriend can even replace the u"s by v"s: QVISVTDEVS (note the both letter U and also the question mark are medieval yellowcomic.com).