This article covers just how to greet civilization in Hawaiian and teaches friend some important phrases including ‘hello’, ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ and also ‘good night’. It additionally covers some various other greeting etiquette such as gestures that are used to speak ‘hi’.

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Hopefully you’ll leaving this page discovering some vital Hawaiian greetings.
How execute You to speak ‘Hello’ Or ‘Hi’ In Hawaiian?How to Say various other Greetings In Hawaiian e.g. ‘Good Morning’How to Say ‘Good Morning’ In HawaiianHow come Say ‘Good Afternoon’ In HawaiianHow come Say ‘Good Evening’ In HawaiianHow come Say ‘Good Night’ In HawaiianGreet v The Shaka Sign

How do You speak ‘Hello’ Or ‘Hi’ In Hawaiian?

If you want to say ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ to who in Hawaiian climate you can do so v the adhering to phrase:EnglishHawaiianHelloAloha
The native ‘aloha’ actually method both ‘hello’ and also ‘goodbye’. 

‘Aloha’ actually way much an ext than this, the is likewise a way of life. You deserve to use this word to send the end kindness, love, optimistic intentions and respect come others.
A good phrase to follow this through would be ‘how are you?’ in Hawaiian.Check out the video clip below to hear the pronunciation of ‘aloha’ by a indigenous Hawaiian speaker:
Another common greeting phrase you might hear is:

EnglishHawaiianHow’s that going?/What’s up?Howzit?

This slang hatchet was emerged from the English expression ‘how is it?’ and also it’s very commonly used in Hawaii as a greeting.

How to Say other Greetings In Hawaiian e.g. ‘Good Morning’

You may want to usage some various other greetings in Hawaiian such together ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ and also ‘good night’. Examine out these various other Hawaiian greetings below:

How come Say ‘Good Morning’ In Hawaiian

To to speak ‘good morning’ in Hawaiian, you have the right to say:EnglishHawaiianGood morning(6AM – 10AM)Aloha kakahiakaGood noontime(10AM – 2PM)Aloha awakea
The phrase ‘aloha kakahiaka’ which method ‘good morning’ have to be used in between the hours of 6AM and also 10AM. 

From 10AM until 2PM, you should use ‘aloha awakea’ which means ‘good noontime’ to greet people.

How come Say ‘Good Afternoon’ In Hawaiian

To to speak ‘good afternoon’ in Hawaiian, you deserve to say:EnglishHawaiianGood afternoonAloha ‘auinala
You would use this phrase from 2PM till 6PM.

How come Say ‘Good Evening’ In Hawaiian

To speak ‘good evening’ in Hawaiian, you deserve to say:

EnglishHawaiianGood eveningAloha ahiahi

You would use this phrase from 6PM until 10PM.

How to Say ‘Good Night’ In Hawaiian

To speak ‘good night’ in Hawaiian, you have the right to say:EnglishHawaiianGood nightAloha po
Check out the video below to hear the together of ‘good morning’, ‘good noontime’, ‘good afternoon’ and ‘good evening’ through a native Hawaiian speaker:

Greet with The Shaka Sign

Another common means to greet who in Hawaii is utilizing the Shaka sign. This friendly gesture is regularly used to average ‘what’s up?’ or ‘how’s the going?’ in Hawaii.

All you need to do is prolong your thumb and tiny finger and curl the various other 3 fingers right into your palm. Check the end the video below to see the Shaka sign in action. 
Drivers in Hawaii frequently use the Shaka sign to present both greetings and also gratitude to other drivers.Thanks for analysis this post on how to greet someone in Hawaiian.

Hopefully you currently know how to say ‘hello’ in Hawaiian and likewise how come say ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ and ‘good night’ in Hawaiian.You can find out an ext about the Hawaiian language here.Related Posts:
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