There room a couple of different ways exactly how to to speak grandpa in German. In short, you would say Opa. (Der) Opa, the grandpa, is a masculine singular noun. The plural would certainly be (die) Opas

This is the informal German term because that grandfather, and also you would interpret it as grandpa or grampa. 


The native is ordinarily offered with a definite article in most parts of main Germany, southerly Germany, and Austria.

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 Wo ist der Opa? – "Where is Grandpa?


In the phibìc of Germany, and also commonly in writing, no short article tends to it is in used.


 Wo ist Opa? - "Where is Grandpa?"


Keep in mind that there space several creates of conventional German. The German language also has a couple of different dialects; spelling and pronunciation might be different relying on area and dialect. 


Common regional differences in pronuncation the grandpa in German

We use the IPA to create down spelling the various ways to express the surname for grandpa. 


/ˈoːpa/ - typical German /ˈɔpa/ largely in western Germany/ˈoːpʰɐ/ part speakers native the area in and also around Kiel /ˈɔ.pas/ because that the plural, Opas



In the rest of this article, we will dive further into synonyms because that grandpa in the German language. 


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How to Say Grandfather


The formal surname for grandfather is (der) Grossvater / Großvater or Grossvader Großvader. You would pronounce this word as /ˈɡʁoːsfatɐ/. This hatchet is contempt archaic and less in usage in modern German than Opa. The plural would certainly be (die) Grossväter Großväter or Grossväder / Großväder


More synonyms because that grandpa would certainly be:


GroßpapaOpapaOpi (affectionate)Ätti (Switzerland)Altvater


How do You to speak Great-Grandpa in German?


You can simply add the prefix "ur" come Opa or Grossvater.

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Uropa, Uropas - Great-grandpa("s)Urgrossvater, Ugrossväter  - Great-grandfather("s)




If you want to designate i m sorry grandpa you, you can use the complying with terms:

Großvater mütterlicherseits (on the mother"s side, maternal grandfather)Großvater väterlicherseits (on the father"s side, paternal grandpa)




We hope to have actually informed you sufficiently on the miscellaneous translations of how to to speak Grandpa in the German language. We provided you number of IPA pronunciations, a couple of different synonyms and also some hyponyms. 


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