Are you emotion romantic now that St. Valentine’s work is just roughly the corner? then let’s take a look at at the word for heart in Italian, i m sorry is cuore (masculine, plural: cuori).

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IPA: <ˈkwɔːre>

As in English, the word cuore have the right to refer come the muscular organ that pumps blood about the body, the prize ♥ stood for by two equal curves conference at a point, or the center of a person’s thoughts or emotions.


Il mio cuore ha cominciato a battere così forte che no potevo respirare.

My heart began beating so rapid that i couldn’t breathe.

Ti amo con tutto il cuore!

I love you through all my heart!

Whereas a heart attack is formally described as one infarto, friend can likewise use the colloquial expression attacco di cuore. A heartbeat is well-known as battito cardiaco or merely battito del cuore.

As you have the right to probably imagine, there are lots of expressions that contain the word cuore. Listed below is simply a taster the the most typical ones.

cuore d’oro = heart of goldcuore di pecora / coniglio = scaredy-catcuore di leone = bravecuore di pietra = cold heartcuore infranto / spezzato = broken heartcuore solitario = lonely heartsenza cuore = heartlessgran / buon cuore = large heart

In enhancement to heart, cuore can also mean core, essence or gist. What’s more, it is often used as a ax of endearment to average someone’s sweet small boy or girl (e.g. cuore della mamma).

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Idioms featuring the word ‘cuore’

Avere il cuore sulle labbra

Literal translation: to have actually one’s love on one’s lipsEnglish meaning: come wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve

Avere il cuore a pezzi

Literal translation: to have one’s heart in piecesEnglish meaning: to it is in brokenhearted

Mi si stringe il cuore

Literal translation: my love squeezesEnglish meaning: it division my heart

Tenere / Avere a cuore

Literal translation: to store / to have actually in one’s heartEnglish meaning: to treatment deeply (about miscellaneous / someone)

Mettersi il cuore in pace

Literal translation: to placed one’s love at peaceEnglish meaning: to pertained to terms with something, to accept a case for what that is

Avere il cuore in gola

Literal translation: to have actually one’s love in one’s throatEnglish meaning: to have one’s heart in one’s throat

Col cuore in mano

Literal translation: with one’s love in one’s handEnglish meaning: native the heart

Rita Pavone – Cuore

Rita Pavone is an Italian actress and also singer who took pleasure in success with the 1960s. Listed below you deserve to listen to one of her hit songs entitled Cuore, which to be released in 1963.