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How come say say thanks to you in Finnish: kiitos

Learning Finnish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say say thanks to you in Finnish: kiitosSay it the end loud: “kee eh tos

You deserve to learn how to speak thank you and over 220 other travel-friendly words and phrases with our inexpensive, easy-to-use Finnish language cheat sheets. Us can assist you do your next trip to another country even much more fun and immersive. Click below!

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Some an ext helpful native in ours Finnish Courtesy/Questions category:

...the restroom – …kylpyhuone (kil pih hu five neh)come with me – tule mukaan (tuh leh mu kaan)do friend speak english? – puhutko englantia? (poh whot koh engl un tia)excellent – erinomainen (eh rin om ah ih nen)excuse me – anteeksi (an teh ex ih)good / bad – hyvä / huono (hih vah / that oh noh)how carry out you say…? – miten sanotaan…? (mi ten child oh taan)how much is this? – kuinka paljon tämä maksaa? (kuin kah pahlyon tah mah xaah)may I? (point in ~ chair, door) – voinko? (vo in koh?)maybe – ehkä (eh kah)no problem – Ei mitään (ay me taan)please – kiitos (kee eh tos)thanks – kiitti (kee eh tih)what is that? – mikä tuo on? (mi kah t uh five on)where is… – missä on… (miss ah on)yes / no – kyllä / ei (kil lah / ay)you are welcome – Ole hyvä (oh leh hih vah)

And here’s just how to say thank you in other languages!

Arabic–Shukran lak (shuk ran lak)Chinese–Xièxiè! (Shiye Shiye!)Croatian–hvala (hvah luh)Czech–Děkuji (DYA kwee)Finnish–kiitos (kee eh tos)French–Merci (mehr see)German–danke (dahn kuh)Italian–grazie (gratz ee eh)Japanese–Arigato Gozaimasu (Ah Ree Gah Tow Goh Zai Mass)Korean–Gamsahapnida. (Gam Sa Ham Ni Da.)Polish–dziękuję (jen koo" yeh)Portuguese–Muito Obrigado/a (moo-ee as well oh bree gah doo/dah)Russian–Spasibo (Spah сee bah)Spanish–gracias (grah see ahs)Swahili–ahsante (ah sahn tay)Thai–Khop Khun Khrap/Kha (kop koon krahp/KAH)Turkish–teşekkür ederim (teh shower kur" dur im)Vietnamese–Cảm Ơn (Kam Uhn)

The phrase "thank you" (kiitos) is perhaps the most important thing to find out in Finnish or any type of other language. Showing gratitude because that a an easy act, like explaining directions, offer food, help with luggage, is amongst the most valuable method of connecting with others in a foreign culture. If you have actually the alternative of finding out multiple version of "thank you", such together a formal way of speak it and a much more casual version, learn both and learn what situations to usage each version. Say thanks to you because that visiting yellowcomic.com - we believe our language sheets do travel much more fun and also immersive. Acquire instant access to the Finnish Language Set. Have actually a great trip, and thanks for avoiding by!

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