Rosalina: get a “One Star” rank or much better in all Mirror mode Wii-Cups. Or if you have actually a saved game paper from at sight Mario Galaxy, you should win 50 cool Prix races.

You can additionally get Rosalina through finishing a full of 4,960 races.

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There space two ways: have a at sight Mario Galaxy save file and she will certainly be unlocked after ~ 50 gyeongju or get 1 star in all 8 Mirror setting Cups.


Yes, follow to this site:


Have a supervisor Mario Galaxy save file and play 50 races, attain at the very least 1 Star rank for all 150cc Mirror grand Prix cups, or pat 4,950 races



There room two methods of unlocking rosalina. . .. ..

Get a one star location or greater on every 150cc mirror mode cupsHave a save record on Mario galaxy and get 50/80 stars

I recommend making use of the very first way, because that it is simpler ( yet not actually simple ). Both that the ways are rather difficult to accomplish, yet once you unlock rosalina it is definitely worth the trouble.

NOTE: The star or "Luma", together it is referred to as in Mario galaxy, floating as well as her is not an extra point to unlock. That comes automatically with Rosalina in every car or bike she drives.

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