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Everything You need to Know around Your Shower"s Diverter Valve

Showering is something girlfriend do reasonably frequently. She no stranger to stepping in the shower, transforming on thefaucet, and also adjusting the taps to obtain the perfect water temperature. Nobody needs to tell you just how to protect against the water indigenous coming out thespigot and have it come out of the showerhead instead, right? Of course not! yet have girlfriend everthought around what forces the water to flow to her showerhead rather of the spigot? If you"re like many homeowners, more than likely not.

If you’ve ever before turned her shower on but noticed that there was still water to run from the tub’s faucet, friend may have wondered what was wrong through your shower. You’d probably be particularly frustrated by the lack of press coming from her showerhead due to the fact that it makes it daunting to shower properly.

If her tub’s spigot proceeds to run even when you turn on your shower, you most likely have an old or faulty shower head diverter valve.

What is a shower head Diverter Valve?

Valves are almost everywhere in your plumbing. When you turn on your sink, garden hose, and also tub, you are using valves. They even assist determine your water temperature once you rotate on the sink or shower.

A valve is what keepsthe water native flowing through your faucet and also sends it to your showerhead instead. Although you’ve most likely never heard it dubbed a "diverter valve,"that isthe part of your shower the you turn, push, or pullto send the water comes from her tub’s faucet to your showerhead. The does precisely what it’s named for: the diverts (changes direction) water indigenous one location to another.



A three-valve showerhas three different handles the you turn to openor near the valves. One manage opens the warm water valve, one opens up the cold water valve, and also the 3rd (generally in the middle of the temperature valves) diverts the water into the spigot or up to the shower head head.

As you revolve the valves for the hot and cold valves, depending on the temperature you desire the water to it is in coming out of her spigot, you increase or decrease the opening of every valve. Once you obtain the ideal temperature, you deserve to keep the water running into your tub, or twisted the diverter valve 180 levels to divert the water up into the showerhead.

When water pours into the bath tub through the spigot, the valve is open. Once the manage is rotate 180 degrees, the valve moves forwardand a rubber washer plugs the spigot of the bath tub so no water can obtain through.

There space a number of different methods this shower head looks.Some showers have actually two handles that control temperature, which open the cold and hot water lines separately. The water mixes together prior to coming the end of the spout. Various other showers have actually one take care of that opens up both of the water lines, and depending on how much the manage is turned, determines how much every of the 2 water currently is openedand how hot or cold the water is by mixing the water temperatures. Either way, the diverter valve is generally uncovered on the spigot that the tub.

Why would my diverter not be working?

Although diverter valves are a fairly simple way to regulate whether or not water flows from the bathtub to the showerhead, if they failure and fail, castle could reason other major problems in her bathroom. There are a few reasons why your shower may either have water circulation through both the tub’s spigot and also the showerhead in ~ the very same time or not circulation at all. If you uncover that she having troubles with your showerhead and bathtub running at the very same time or friend can"t divert water to the showerhead, you may need to have actually your diverter replaced.

(It’s crucial for us to mention that if she a home warranty customer, girlfriend won’t have to do any type of investigation into why your diverter valve isn’t working – in fact, if you try to investigate the problem yourself and also fail, the repair may not even be covered by your residence warranty! If you open a case with your residence warranty firm right away, though, you might only have to pay a little service speak to fee.)

Here room some factors why a diverter may be failing to bring water into a showerhead:

Blocked Diverter:

In both varieties of diverter valves, if there’s something it is blocking the diverter from closing or opened all the way, the could cause water come pour out of both spigots in ~ the same time.

If you have actually a spigot that has actually the diverter straight inside the the spigot, you have the right to see if over there is something that’s blocking the diverter indigenous closing every the way. You may need to soak the faucet in vinegar overnight come soften calcium build-up or clean that out with a little soft brush.

With the three-valve shower, if you have the right to take theshower faucet turn off easily, friend can try and open up the valve and see if over there are any kind of blockages in ~ the valve and also brush them off with a clean cloth.

Broken Washer

Some diverters rely heavily onrubber or nylon washersto make certain the holes to the spigot are correctly closed. If this washers crack, fall apart, or gain bent, they could be the reason of the difficulty with the diverter. If you see a damaged or cracked washer, this is something that will should be replaced.


Sometimes the object on the crew that affix the spout come the pipe can corrode. The spout’s finish could additionally flake off and cause blockages in the shower. If this is the caseand the faucet isn’t replaced, it could reason water to leak the end on the wall surface behind the shower, which could reason rot, mold, or mildew.

If corrosion or a broken washer is the reason of her diverter woes, you’ll more than likely need to replace the diverter valve. Not sure how to carry out that? no to worry! We have an article onhow to change the diverter valve on her shower.

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Wait! space You a Landmark residence Warranty Customer?

If you having troubles with your diverter valve, listen up! nothing take your shower apart to view if yes a problem. If you have actually ahome warranty and also your shower head diverter valvehas fail from normal wear and also tear, you can have everythingfixed and also paid for, for a little service contact fee! If you shot to execute it yourself, climate you may not have actually the repair or replacement covered. If you"re not a house warranty customer and you have actually no attention in saving numerous dollars on house repairs like damaged diverter valves, check out our write-up onhow to replace a shower diverter valve.