Behaviorism and also humanism are two mental perspectives on human being behavior. Most psychologists agree that no perspective is hundred-percent correct and also that all have actually their own weaknesses and also strengths. Behaviorism and also humanism space two such psychological perspectives. This article intends to compare and also contrast behaviorism and also humanism.

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Behaviorism emphasizes the prestige of observable actions and scientific studies and also suggests that behavior is shame by the environment. Humanism, on the other hand, emphasizes the research of the whole person and also inner feelings.

Key locations Covered

1. What is Behaviorism  – Definition, classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning2. What is Humanism – Definition, Characteristics3. What room the Similarities in between Behaviorism and also Humanism – synopsis of typical Features4. What is the Difference in between Behaviorism and Humanism – comparison of an essential Differences

Key Areas

Behaviorism, Humanism


What is Behaviorism

Behaviorism is a psychological technique that offers scientific and objective methods of investigation to analyze human and also animal psychology. This approach focuses on observable actions, i.e., behaviors, the humans and animals. Stimulus and solution are a an essential concept in behaviorism. Here, stimuli are ecological factors and responses room observable behavior. Moreover, behaviorism researches observable stimulus-response behaviors, and also emphasizes all actions are learned through interaction with the environment.

Behaviorism also suggests two main types of instances where world learn from your environment: standard conditioning and also operant conditioning.

Classical Conditioning

In timeless conditioning, a neutral economic stimulation is paired through a naturally emerging stimulus. This neutral stimulus eventually gains the capacity to evoke the same an answer as the naturally occurring stimulus, even without the existence of a naturally occurring stimulus. In brief, 2 stimuli are linked together to create a new learned an answer in a human or animal. We contact the neutral stimulus here the conditioned stimulus, and also we call the learned behavior a conditioned response. Watch the adhering to image to recognize this more clearly.


Figure 1: classical Conditioning

Operant Conditioning

Operant conditioning is a kind of conditioning where human beings or pets learn a habits by link it v its consequences. Here, learning occurs through reinforcements and punishments.


Figure 2: Operant Conditioning

As clear from the above diagram, when a desirable result follows one action, the behavior is much more likely to take place again in the future. Similarly, responses complied with by an unfavorable outcomes are less likely to be repeated in the future.

What is Humanism

Humanism or humanistic psychology is a psychological strategy that stresses on the examine of the entirety individual, and also behavior regarded an individual’s within feelings and self-image. This view is based on the idea the each human being is unique and has the totally free will to change his or she life at any given time. Moreover, humanism climbed to prestige in the 1960s together a an answer to the limitations of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory and behaviorism.

According come this perspective, people are responsible because that their own happiness and also well-being. They have the natural capacity because that self-actualization, i m sorry is their distinctive desire to accomplish the greatest potential as human beings. Furthermore, humanisms think that human beings are innately good and that their deviations from this natural tendency an outcome in mental and social problems. Besides, mankind psychologists analyze human actions through the eye of the observer, as well as through the eyes of the human being that is gift analyzed. This is a special feature of humanism.

Unlike other psychological approaches, humanistic approach emphasized that humans are different from pets since they are qualified of thought, reason and language. Humanism also rejects a rigorous scientific strategy to psychology as it go not have the capacity to capture the prestige of mindful experiences. It relied top top qualitative research approaches like open-ended questionnaires, individual observations, unstructured interviews, etc.

Similarities between Behaviorism and Humanism

Both of this approaches focus on human being beings and also their behavior.Moreover, this perspectives may have actually their own strengths and weaknesses.

Difference in between Behaviorism and Humanism


Behaviorism is a psychological technique that provides scientific and objective approaches of investigation to analysis human and animal psychology. At the exact same time, humanism is a psychological technique that stresses on the research of the totality individual, and behavior pertained to individual’s within feelings and self-image.


Behaviorism focuses on observable actions, i.e., behavior, if humanism focuses on people as a whole, including inner feelings and also mental processes.


Furthermore, behaviorism proposes that actions is the an outcome of a stimulus and is identified by the individual’s environment. In contrast, humanism proposes the each human being is unique and has the cost-free will to readjust his or her life at any kind of given time.


Behaviorists used pets in prove theories like timeless conditioning and operant conditioning and suggested that this type of air conditioning is likewise applicable to human being beings. However, humanists believed that humans are really different from animals as castle are capable of thought and reason.


Moreover, behaviorism provides scientific and also objective techniques in their research study studies, if humanism uses much more qualitative studies choose open-ended questions and unstructured interviews.

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In brief, behaviorism is a psychological strategy that emphasizes the prominence of observable actions and scientific studies and suggests that the setting shapes behavior. Humanism approach, top top the other hand, emphasizes the research of the whole person and inner feelings. Once we compare and also contrast beahviorism and humanism, we can observe the these 2 perspectives have much more differences than similarities.

1. “Classical air conditioning Diagram” by Salehi.s – Own job-related (CC BY-SA 4.0) via Commons Wikimedia2. “Operant conditioning diagram” through Curtis Neveu – I offered Adobe illustrator (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Commons Wikimedia