Long toss program have end up being one the the most renowned forms of baseball training over the last number of years. The seems prefer everyone on the internet has actually a long toss routine that promises to increase your pitching velocity. The variety of youth pitching injuries proceeds to increase at amazing rates, in spite of our pitch counting guidelines and improved medical knowledge. This has caused some to question the role of aggressive lengthy toss program on the enhanced rate of injuries, which might or might not it is in fair, as there are many different ways of integrating lengthy toss training programs.

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The will of this write-up is no to market an opinion on whether or not long toss is appropriate, safe, effective, or something else. The purpose is no to recommend a specific throwing regimen or street either. Rather, I simply want to make certain you fully understand what lengthy tossing does to her body prior to you begin a cultivate program. Over there are several things you require to recognize to best implement a program that is specific to your needs.

Long Toss is Important

Long tossing at 180 feet has significantly an ext elbow varus torque and shoulder inner rotation torque, basically the two varieties of pressures that reason injuries to her shoulder and elbow, especially Tommy man injuries.

We understand that pitching a baseball locations near maximal tension on the body with each pitch. Long tossing come 180 feet and beyond boosts this stress much more than pitching turn off a mound. This is just one of the key reasons that the criteria for an injured player to begin throwing off the mound is just 120 feet. In ~ 120 feet, the pressures observed are similar to pitching. Therefore if you can throw come 120 feet, you deserve to technically take care of the stress of throwing turn off a mound.

Athletes deserve to handle the anxiety observed throughout long tossing to 180 feet and beyond, but for how long and at what consequence? I had a discussion with Dr. Fleisig and Dr. Andrews about this concept and the analogy the was provided was fairly alarming – You deserve to observe a team of little League aged youngsters smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and none the them will likely obtain lung cancer while in little League, yet they may one day. What are we doing come them in the long-term?

Realize that the pitch count guidelines the were arisen by small League and USA Baseball space designed to protect against injuries by preventing overuse. Long toss to 180 feet and beyond demands to be contained in this equation as well. If you desire to to decrease you possibilities of getting injured by 5x, you have to not key or long toss for 4 months the end of the year.

There is a time and also place for lengthy toss, but this demands to it is in treated choose pitching and also considered in the in its entirety equation because that overuse.

Maximum Distance long Tossing is Stressful on your Body

To me, the most interesting component of the researches from Dr. Fleisig and also ASMI is once they analyzed best distance lengthy tossing. In addition to evaluating how your biomechanics change as you throw from certain distances, they also assess the biomechanics of an easy throwing as much as girlfriend can.

The outcomes were staggering.

When inquiry to throw as much as castle could, through a crow hop and also with no restrictions on the lot of arc on the throw, pitchers average a litter of 264 feet, far listed below the references seen in part baseball maintain programs.

This resulted in a 10% boost in both elbow varus torque and also shoulder interior rotation torque. For this reason while lengthy tossing to 180 feet showed an increase in talk to your shoulder and also elbow, these forces went up dramatically when throwing because that maximum distance.

There is a hazard / prize equation with lengthy tossing come 180 feet, yet this equation shows up to greatly lean in the direction of the risk as soon as throwing further.

The finest Baseball lengthy Toss Program

I wrote this write-up for one an easy reason – there is no such thing as the finest baseball lengthy toss program. Everyone wants one, however it simply doesn’t exist. Everyone is different, including their body type, size, age, experience, and also mechanics. Recommending one generic lengthy toss regimen for everyone seems overly simplified. While it may aid a small percentage of people, it shows up that it can harm a much bigger percentage. The is why the rehab throwing programs I published seem so basic.

Now the you understand some the the finer points of long toss programs, ns hope this permits you to know that the ideal long toss program needs to be individualized. You shouldn’t be doing a program just due to the fact that some huge leaguer is law it, you have to be doing it since it has actually been specifically arisen for you in combination with a well designed arm care and strength and also conditioning program.

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To monitor this up, I will write an short article soon ~ above what I believe long toss is in reality doing and also why it may be useful to encompass in baseball cultivate programs, if design appropriately.