The british Association for Shooting and Conservation ( has actually joined pressures with Cranfield college at Shrivenham to sell its members the most considerable and accurate details on distances travelled by all key shot types used in game, wildfowl, pigeon and also clay shooting.

You are watching: How far do shotgun pellets travel is frequently asked for advice on the street pellets take trip after gift fired indigenous shotgun cartridges. This is to overview the setup of safety zones approximately game or clay target shoot or to ensure pellets carry out not floor on neighbouring property. Traditionally 300 yards has actually been taken into consideration the maximum distance for command shot. The new research takes into account muzzle velocity, pellet material, pellet size, and wind.’s director of research, Dr man Harradine, said: “Shooters have long relied on the traditional 300 yard take trip distance because that lead shot however its travel is affected by several factors, consisting of pellet size and specifically a following wind. With new non-lead shot types now being used, based upon both less thick (steel) and much more dense (tungsten) materials, we need to have the ability to advise shooters and shoot managers on what this shot species can perform to certain safety and responsibility in the field.”

Members needing advice on shot take trip can contact the study department ~ above 01244 573016 or email research
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- latest news meets through NI farming Minister on general licences has actually met v Edwin Poots, DAERA Minister, come raise members" involves over the future of basic licences in north Ireland.


- latest news Tribute come the duke of Edinburgh in ~ the Scottish game Fair presented Her imperial Highness The Princess imperial with a tribute to her father the battle each other of Edinburgh in ~ the Scottish game Fair on Friday.


- recent news brand-new deer vision because that Scotland

A bold brand-new vision because that a community integrated method to deer administration in Scotland will certainly offer an ext opportunities for trained recreational stalkers.

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