I would choose to travel from Austin for an overnight trip and take in part beach time. Would heading come Houston and also Galveston be a an excellent way come go? If us did that, we'd likely take in a Houston Astro's game.

Or must we inspect out corpus Christie? or elsewhere all together?

We'll it is in there very first half of June, v two little children, in a car, indigenous CANADA.

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input please.


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The closest coast to Austin is harbor Aransas. It's a smaller town 보다 Galveston, v fewer major attractions and lodging options, yet if you really simply want to perform an overnight, it would be an ext than fine for that, or even a pair of days. Overnighting come Houston because that beach time in Galveston and a baseball video game doesn't really make sense. Downtown Houston is approximately 50 mile from Galveston, and also in the summer traffic is heavy heading to the beach, particularly on weekends. You would have to drive the three hours to Houston, an hour or much more to the beach, climate an hour or more to get back to Houston for the game. That's a lot of driving for very little beach time.

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First, beaches follow me the northern component of the Texas Gulf coast don't look favor Florida's beaches. Galveston's beaches are made up of fairly dark, heavy sand, and also the water is practically a brownish-blue, led to by silt native the Mississippi River. The additional south girlfriend go, the prettier the water and also beaches become, yet they're really not that beautiful till you get to south Padre Island, just north of the Texas-Mexico border.

Having said that, the water is safe and also even pleasant to swim in, although it may seem quite warmth to you. Galveston is a city of approximately 50,000 population, and also will offer many diversions for the little ones the beaches additional south will certainly not. (It will sell far much more for you and also your spouse, together well.)