A trip to Cuba is prefer nothing girlfriend have ever before experienced. It"s a land grounding in time and a society full the warmth. Plenty of travelers made decision to take trip to Havana, the capital of Cuba, for their first trip. I firmly insist that you include a trip to Varadero - a day expedition or a couple of nights. You won"t regret it.

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Where is Varadero?

Varadero (pronunced Bar-ah-dare-oh) is a resort city in the district of Matanzas,Cuba. The is 145 kilometers indigenous Havana, the capital of Cuba.

Why walk to Varadero when in Cuba?

Like I declared above, Varadero is a renowned resort town in Cuba, and also is actually among the biggest resort locations in the Caribbean. The coast stretches for 22 km and the water is some of the bluest in the world.

Varadero is consistently ranked among the ideal beaches in the human being and, in my opinion, a much better beach choice than those neighboring Havana.

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Are there direct flights to Varadero?

Yes. Straight flights fly mostly from europe countries and also surrounding Caribbean islands to Juan Gualberto Gomez airport - the airport offer Varadero. A taxi indigenous the airport to the city is only around 10 km and also should cost about 25-30CUC. You deserve to haggle the fare to perhaps 20CUC, but not much less.

How to get from Havana Airport come Varadero

When I saw Cuba in 2017 us landed in ~ the Havana Airport and simply walked external to negotiate a taxi come Varadero.We had read online that personal taxis are between 90-140 CUC. We immediately got an market for 100, so we took it there is no haggling.

Remember the the CUC (tourist money) is attached come the us dollar. 1 CUC = 1 USD

There space other ways to acquire to Varadero indigenous Havana...

A renowned one is acquisition a Viazul Bus indigenous Havana facility to Varadero. There are 3 buses daily.You can additionally approach tourism buses traveling with big groups. Countless will let girlfriend hitch a ride for part cash. This technique is ideal used if you have have the right to negotiate in Spanish.

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How come Get about VaraderoTaxi:All many hotels will have a taxi stand. Fares are either metered or collection by distance.Tourist Bus:A double-decker open-on-top bus the runs ~ above a continual schedule native the tip of the peninsula (by the Blau Marina Hotel and Princessa del Mar) every the means into the town of Varadero.Cost:5CUC gets you an countless day pass.It makes constant stops including:International centre (shopping mall with about 100 stores, and restaurants), the open-air marketplace, and also most significant hotels.Look for the blue sign-posts. This will mark the stops, and also give you information on routing, and schedules.Mopeds:You can discover rental areas throughout town.Cost is: 9CUC because that one hour, 12CUC for two hours or 20CUC because that twenty 4 hours.You"ll need: a drivers licence (but I"ve heard also a learners allow works).Personal experience:We make the efforts to rental one mid-day and were called it to be not possible - I"m not sure why because there to be so countless in the lot. Ns think going at the beginning of the work to rental one would certainly be fine.Coco Taxi:motorized small cars through a round enclosure - think of a car-sized orange. You have the right to hire them for the day, or straightforward point-to-point travel.Horses:There are additionally horse-drawn caleches (carriages) obtainable for hire.Things to perform in Varadero

Varadero Cuba is a ar to relax and enjoy the slower means of life. Among the most well-known things to execute is that course simply lay on the beach. Varadero also has some remarkable restaurants (full perform here)and some neighborhood places the are very cheap.

There are a pair of things you shouldn"t miss out on in Varadero:

Parque Josone: A park in the center of Varadero filled through birds, vendors, music and also camel rides because that the kids. Located at the facility of town you will certainly most likely drive or walk previous it. First Avenue and also 56th street.Tropicana Matanzas: The newest Tropicana - the most famous cabaret of Cuba. It"s a full scale manufacturing with Cuban dance, music and history in dazzling costumes and also lighting effects. The show is about 4-5 hours and costs 49CUC.Delfinario: A dolphin present that likewise includes an choice to in reality swim v the dolphins. Only 15CUC because that the show and also 85CUC for the present + swim.Bellamar Caves: among the oldest tourist attraction in Cuba it has been open up to visitors due to the fact that the 1860"s. Many steps and also quite warm, you should be in middle physical condition to visit.

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Money tips for VaraderoPrices are collection in Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC).You have the right to pay because that things straight in Euros in some significant resorts and beaches yet it is ideal to convert your money. Places that might take Euros include:Cayo Largo del SurJardines del Rey (Coco and also Guillermo Keys)Santa Lucía BeachCovarrubias BeachHolguín provinceCredit Cards (except those authorize by us banks)can be used in most Varadaro shops. Again though, save CUC"s top top you.Markets will just take CUC

I imply reading up on all my posts about using money in Cuba - particularly if you space American.