This drive tourism carries visitors v the overture come the American Revolutionary War, start with the "shot heard "round the world" top top April 19, 1775. The drive starts in Lexington v a reference for a local bus tour and continues v the Minute man National historical Park and also on come Concord. Full distance is 6 miles.

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One convenient means to begin your tourism is to go into the facility of Lexington, park your car, and also board the Liberty Ride, a bus ride through the high clues of the story that the opening fight of the Revolutionary War. The bus tour includes Lexington fight Green, Munroe Tavern, the national Heritage Museum, Minute guy National historical Park as much as north Bridge, the Paul Revere record site, battle Road, Orchard home (the house of Louisa might Alcott), colonial Inn, the Old Manse, Concord Museum, The Wayside, and Emerson House. Tours run April v October.-- native Lexington, drive around 2 miles westward top top Massachusetts way to route 2A to the Minute man National historical Park Visitor center at 250 North an excellent Road (Route 2A) in Lincoln…



On April 19, 1775, brother soldiers and American militia met in a series of skirmishes along a stretch of road from Boston to Concord, setting off the American Revolution. The story that Minute man National historic Park is more than just the occasions at Lexington Green, Concord"s phibìc Bridge, or fight Road. A an excellent place to begin is the Visitor facility at 250 North great Road in Lincoln (there is a second park visitant center, in Concord). Visitant Centers display exhibits, sell maps and information, and greet travellers for go tours.-- Travel about 4 miles westward on course 2A, convert to Lexington Road, into Concord (do no take the 2A bypass the circles south of Concord)



A drink or meal at Concord"s early american Inn, 48 Monument Square in Concord, is a an excellent way to rest and absorb the smell of Revolutionary times. Noted on the national Register of historic Places, the initial structure was built in 1716. The property has been operated together a hotel because 1889. Situated on Concord"s town common, known as Monument Square, the Inn is surrounding by landmarks of ours nation"s literary and also revolutionary history.

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