How funky is your chicken How loose is your goose cheer?

How funky is her chicken? How loosened is her goose? our goose is completely loose! so come on every you Hog fans, therefore come on every you Hog fans and shake your caboose, and shake your caboose!” This precise cheer is replicated by cheerleaders in The new Guy and also is command by Eliza Dushku.

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What walk Funky Chicken mean?

: : The funky chicken is a new dance wherein the dancer provides chicken-like movements. You could shout this to who on the dance floor therefore they will carry out the dance for you. Climate you can shout “Do the mashed potato” or “Do the twist.”

How loosened is her goose meaning?

Completely relaxed. This phrase, most likely aided in longevity by the rhyme, dates from the very first half of the 1900s. In earlier usage it occasionally denoted promiscuity (loose morals), diarrhea (loose bowels), and also so on, but since around 1950 it has mostly grounding to its current meaning.

Why execute they say stunner goose?

Geese are known to take trip in flocks, so actions departing from that tendency toward conformance v ‘normal’ group habits could be derided together abnormal and hence denigrated together “silly.”

What walk Lucy Goosey mean?

The meaning of loosey-goosey is peaceful or comfortable, or being careless and also imprecise. When you room casual and relaxed around the method you account for your money, this is an example of a time once you have loosey-goosey gaue won habits.

Where walk the ax loosey-goosey come from?

In one of the faster English tellings, The impressive Story the Chicken tiny by man Greene Chandler in 1840, the character to be Goose-Loose, and then later they all acquired their -ey endings, and also Goose-Loose came to be Goosey-Loosey, however in some situations Goosey-Poosey, hinting that the rhyming was an ext important than the ……

What go Loosy mean?

(US, slang) A solitary cigarette, offered individually (“loose”). Noun. 0.

Why is selling solitary cigarettes illegal?

Most US laws require selling any kind of quantity the cigarettes in sealed and tax stamped packs, so it would be legal come sell solitary cigarettes in sealed packs that proved the taxes were paid, however most loose cigarette sellers great to prevent the taxes.

Can u buy solitary cigarettes?

Restrictions • No sale of single cigarettes (“loosies”).

Can friend buy a carton that cigarettes at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart does sell cigarettes, little cigars, smokeless tobacco. This previous summer, Walmart announced it would certainly raise the minimum period to purchase tobacco assets to 21. It will proceed to offer tobacco cigarettes.

How old perform you have to be come buy a lighter in ~ Walmart?

18 years

Can a 17 year old purchase a lighter?

There is no legal period limit come buy a lighter. The specific store may have the age restriction since they are concerned that they might be sued if a minor supplies a lighter purchase at your stores because that illegal activity. If you want to to buy a lighter and are under 18, try a different store.

Can i buy a lighter at 15?

There is no particular law about sales that lighters or matches to minors in California, although individual stores might have their very own policies.

What lighter liquid do you usage for zippos?

Zippo recommends making use of Zippo or Rosonol brand lighter fluid. The reason for making use of the types of fluid recommended are because they room specifically designed come burn clean, which means less smoke and also fouling that the Zippo wicks and also lighters themselves.

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Do you require an ID to buy a lighter in ~ Walmart?

Do you require an ID to buy a lighter at Walmart? It’s not like they’re worried about under age kids buying lighters. Walmart does not card for lighters, Walgreens go not execute this and either perform liquor stores.