The change in the physics properties that Earths interior at the mantle-core boundary makes P waves _____ together they pass v th

69 miles/111 kilometers


The parallel lines, space lines that room parallel, as the surname suggests. They in ~ positioned north and south from the Equator, and also they make eastern to west concentric circles approximately the planet.

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These lines room imaginary, thus creating by humans, and the key purpose for it has actually been the measure up of latitude and also measuring of specific location (in combination with the meridians).

These lines are about 69 miles, or 111 kilometers apart. Currently this is a stormy average, together there are slight differences due to the fact that of the elliptical form of Earth, however the differences are really small. The distance often tends to it is in slightly less than the median on the reduced latitudes, and slightly more on the high latitudes.

One advantage of the prismoidal formula is that you can use it to A. Calculate surface area for cylindrical rings. B. Estimate t

All the options are correct.

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If we look in ~ the formula that prismoidal, we deserve to see the it contains, three locations = area of deals with at top and bottom and also area the midway section

Thus it deserve to be used to calculate the a) calculate surface area for cylindrical rings and b) calculation the surface area that edged non-prismoidal solids.

In the volume formula of prismoidal, the factor (depth/6) is multiplied by the three locations as stated above, this provides the volume of deals with at top and also bottom and midway section. Thus option C and also D are likewise correct.

I belive that it O because An O horizon contends least 20% necessary matter by mass. Two key scenarios result in the development of an O horizon: saturated, anaerobic conditions (wetlands) or high manufacturing of leaf litter in forested areas. Anaerobic problems slow the decomposition process and permit organic product to accumulate. One O horizon have the right to have miscellaneous stages the decomposed essential matter: highly decomposed, sapric; center decomposed, hemic; and minimally decomposed, fibric. In a fibric O layer, plant matter is recognizable (e.g., it is possible to recognize a leaf). Sapric product is damaged down right into much finer matter and also is unrecognizable together a plant part. Hemic is in in between sapric and fibric, v some right recognizable plant product present. The is possible to have multiple O horizons stack upon one an additional exhibiting various decomposition stages. Due to the fact that of your organic content, this horizons are generally black or dark brown in color. The dominant processes of the O horizon are additions of necessary matter, and transformations from fibric to sapric