I setup on purchasing some cannolis from a local bakery and also will bring on a expedition with me to part friends. Since my trip will expectations a few days, I desire to try to preserve the cannolis until I can deliver them to mine friends.

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The one time I have tried this before (a fifty percent day"s precious of driving), I put the cannolis in one icebox to protect against the cream native spoiling however results in a slightly soggy and moist shell.

Is over there a means to avoid the cream indigenous spoiling but likewise keeping the covering hard and also crunchy? The bakery i am acquiring the cannolis from provides them in-house daily (since it"s a really popular local spot).


I think you"ve proved already there"s only one means to execute this - buy the shells "unloaded" and fill them once you acquire there.

Assuming the bakery civilization are nice, ask lock to placed the pour it until it is full in an icing bag and also refrigerate that until you arrive. Placed the shells independently in a cake tin, load the shells once you acquire to her destination.

I"m sure that everyone concerned will know why you desire to execute this...


I have uncovered one means to save them fresh in the refrigerator for at the very least a day and also a fifty percent to two days...I wrap each cannoli separately by rolling castle in wax paper, then wrinkles over every end and tape that (try to tape the so the air will certainly not acquire to it). Climate take each and roll them increase in aluminum foil. I then put it in a ziplock bag, don"t know if this is necessary, however I carry out it anyway. That doesn"t save them for a week, but much better than having actually them soggy after four hours. :-)


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