Today mine mum told me that we are going on holidays tomorrow. And also I to be looking at my aquarium and also wondering how long carry out goldfish live without food?

I did part research and found out that goldfish deserve to live for about 2 weeks without food.

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So if you room away from her home and can’t feed your fish for 2 weeks then it will be fine.

If you space going to continue to be out of your residence for much more than 2 weeks then you should ask your neighbor or girlfriend to feed your fish.


I uncovered a very interesting news story related to the topic that goldfish actually endured 134 job without any type of food after an earthquake in new Zealand.

But opportunities are those goldfish make it through on algae or any type of other plants in the aquarium in those 134 days.

What if you have goldfish in the pond?

Goldfish can conveniently live because that a pair of weeks there is no food in the pond.

A pond usually has various insects, algae, and so on which is good food because that the goldfish.

If you space too concerned then friend can add some plants in the pond and also goldfish deserve to eat them as soon as they space hungry.

1 Arrangements deserve to you execute if you space going come be far from your house for much more than 2 weeks?
1.1 1. Ask your neighbor or friend to feed your fish
1.1.1 How often should they feeding the fish?
1.1.2 how much you need to feed her goldfish at a time?
1.1.3 How often should i feed the pond goldfish?
2 2. Usage an automatic fish feeder
3 3. Usage slow-release fish food
4 Conclusion

Arrangements have the right to you execute if you space going to be away from your house for much more than 2 weeks?

If you room going away from your home for an ext than 2 weeks climate you will need to make some arrangments to feed your fish.


1. Ask her neighbor or girlfriend to feed her fish

The simplest setup you deserve to make is to ask your neighbor or friend to feed her fish as soon as you room away from her home.

How frequently should they feed the fish?

Ideally, they must feed her goldfish 2 come 3 time a day. Yet as currently that we know that goldfish have the right to survive about 2 weeks without food, you can ask her neighbor or girlfriend to feed your fish once a job or even once in 2 to 3 days will be just fine.

Obviously, feeding goldfish much less than 3 time a job is no a very an excellent idea. And it will certainly definitely affect their growth.

Also, the is an extremely easy come overfeed a fish and a person who doesn’t know anything about fishkeeping can quickly overfeed a fish.

So I extremely recommend girlfriend tell castle the quantity of food they must be feeding your fish.

How lot you have to feed her goldfish in ~ a time?

A great rule of ignorance is to feed your goldfish the lot of food it have the right to consume within 2 minute or feed her goldfish food amounts to to the size of the eye of it.

Once you understand the lot of food your goldfish have to eat the simple method to do feeding your goldfish straightforward for your neighbor or girlfriend is to usage a pill organizer.

In the pill organizer, you deserve to fill increase the quantity of fish food your goldfish must be fed in each small box and then her neighbor or friend will just need to empty one box at a time in your aquarium.

How regularly should ns feed the pond goldfish?

Usually, you must feed when a job to your goldfish and also you should feed the amount of food the the goldfish can consume under 2 minutes.

The amount of food you should feed to her goldfish also depends ~ above the temperature of the water and also the season.

For example during the spring and summer, the water is heat and additionally the fish are really active so friend will need to feed much more food this days.

On the other hand in winter you will need to feed fairly less food.

2. Usage an automatically fish feeder

Another simple and easy way to feed your fish as soon as you room on vacation is to usage an automatic fish feeder.

The automatically fish feeder is good you just have to feel up your fish’s favourite fish food and set timer on the automatically feeder and also then it with automatically dispense the food.

Also, some automatic feeders deserve to hold fish food that can last because that 6 weeks which is a the majority of time to reap your vacation.

Check the end our automatically Fish Feeder recommendation

3. Use slow-release fish food

Slow-release fish food is most likely the cheapest choice to feed her fish once you space on vacation.

Slow-release fish foods come right into two categories

Weekend feeder blocks– This fish food will save your fish fed for 3 days. Therefore if you room planning for a weekend holidays then these blocks room perfect.Vacation feeder blocks– this blocks deserve to keep her fish fed for up to 14 days. For this reason if you are planning because that a lengthy 2 weeks holidays then you have the right to use the vacation feeder blocks.

Here’s the table of some slow-releasing food products, their validity and for which form of fish they are perfect for.

BRAND lasts FOR suitable FOR
TetraPond14 DaysPond fish
Tetra Weekend14 DaysTropical fish
Zoo Med14 DaysBottom feeder
Zoo Med Mini7 DaysGourami and small fry
Zoo Med Betta7 DaysBetta
Pyramid automatic feeder3 DaysAll varieties of fish


Goldfish have the right to live for around 2 weeks there is no food. Yet it’s not a great idea to store your goldfish unfed for that long. For this reason if you space planning to walk on a lengthy vacation you have to make part arrangments come feed your goldfish.

The simplest setup is to ask her neighbor friend to feed her fish as soon as you room on vacation.

If you don’t desire to bother anyone climate you can use an automatic fish feeder.

Besides utilizing slow-release fish food is also a cheap way to feed her fish once you are away from your home for a long time.


What deserve to a goldfish eat? (Besides fish food)

Besides fish food goldfish can eat a many other person foods.Goldfish deserve to eat vegetable like:1. Carrots 2. Cucumber 3. Spinach4. Kale5. Peas6. Broccoli7. CucumberGoldfish have the right to eat fruit like:1. Apple2. Grapes3. Orange4. Watermelon5. BananaAnything else:1. Cooking rice

How much person food is great for a goldfish?

As you deserve to see goldfish have the right to eat a many fruits and also vegetables however it should not it is in the major food for them. Feeding fruits and vegetables ~ 2-3 days routinely is great for their overall diet.

Can goldfish eat bread?

People typically feed fish through bread but it is not an excellent for them.If you run out the food climate don’t ever feed bread to her goldfish.You can feed other foods items like fruits and vegetables pointed out above.

How carry out I know if mine fish is hungry

There room various signs that have the right to tell friend if your fish is hungry1. If you i found it a sluggish or sluggish behavior in your fish climate it is hungry.2. If you discovered your fish digging roughly the substrate that means that it is in search of food and also is hungry.3. If you uncovered your fish comes on the top and also waiting because that feeding climate it is hungry4. If girlfriend noticed any behavioral adjust in your fish prefer aggression climate it is hungry.

Do fish stop eating as soon as they’re full?

Fish may eat because that a while even when they space full. Yet once they room really complete they will prevent eating. You need to not overfeed them. You have to feed them the amount of food that they have the right to consume within 2 minute or are giving them the quantity of food amounts to to the size of their eye is a good rule of thumb.

What is better for goldfish pallets or flakes

In their herbal habitat goldfish eat food from lower or middle water levels.When you feeding pellets come the goldfish the sinks right into the water and goldfish have the right to eat them together they would certainly it in their natural habitat.But the drawback of feeding pallets to the goldfish is that they have the right to rot. And this rotting have the right to increase ammonia level in the tank i beg your pardon is negative for the fish.On the various other hand, once you feeding flakes come the goldfish that floats ~ above the surface so it will certainly not cause any ammonia problem since you can conveniently remove it. But to eat the flakes goldfish have to come ~ above the surface and also while eat flakes they make gulf air as well which reasons swim bladder disorder.

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How execute I know if i am feeding my fish enough?

You should feed her fish to 2-3 times a day. And also you must feed castle the lot of food the they have the right to consume within 2 minutes. Or you have to feed your goldfish equal to the dimension of your eye.