bears hibernate, however what around bed bugs? believe it or not, bed bugs can go into a hibernation-like state.


Bed bugs react to temperature simply because they are cold-blooded. As soon as the temperature drops, these pests get in a dormant state the slows down their line and allows them come conserve energy until problems are an ext favorable. Only adult bed bugs deserve to survive cold temperatures.

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When bed bugs room in your dormant state, they carry out not must feed. According come the college of Kentucky, bed bugs have the right to survive 2 come 6 months without a meal. In excessive cases, once the temperature drops to 55°F or lower, they might survive a year or longer.

However, bed bugs prefer people and also people like comfortable temperatures. Once these pests are in homes, they will generally remain active most that the year. That’s due to the fact that the temperature will certainly stay fairly stable and also they will have access to hosts, definition meals are easy to come by.

What space Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, flat and also reddish-brown in color. They room nocturnal ectoparasites, meaning they’re energetic at night and also live outside of their hosts.

Bed bugs room biologically designed to hide in cracks and also crevices. They’re most generally found, as their surname implies, ~ above or around beds, consisting of in headboards, under box springs, under mattresses, ~ above upholstered furniture and also in carpet.

Bed bugs tires in about 45 days, and also their mean lifespan is 7-12 months. However, this have the right to be temperature and feeding dependent. They endure on the blood of their hosts, known as “blood meals,” and also they space attracted to hosts through biological signatures such together body heat and carbon dioxide indigenous exhaled breath. Meals only take about 10 minute each, and also bed bugs feed around every 5 to 10 days.

Signs that a bed bug infestation in your residence may include melted skins, fecal stains on mattresses and also bedding, and blood stains top top sheets and also pajamas.

How come Treat Bed Bugs® newly crowned these resilient little insects the 2017 insect of the Year, and also with great reason. They space notoriously complicated to get rid of, and as castle become an ext prevalent, homeowners room becoming much more aware that bed bugs.

Bed bugs feed and also reproduce constantly, and they can move come other areas of your house. Additionally, due to the fact that they’re active at night, infestations can be difficult to spot until the insects have actually reached large numbers.

If you spot bed bugs, climate do-it-yourself techniques of control are by and huge ineffective, therefore it’s best to contact a professional. Bed bug control specialists from® will check your house for the pests and customize a treatment arrangement to remove them indigenous infested areas.

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If girlfriend think girlfriend may have bed bugs in your home, speak to® today to schedule your totally free bed an insect inspection.

“Don't permit the bed bugs bite." We've likely all heard the phrase before and probably didn't pay much attention come it when it to be said. But there's a factor why this saying is for this reason old and so well known: bed bugs have been roughly for a very long time. These pesky insects have actually recently watched a renewal in populace and now, it's an ext likely than ever before that you or someone you recognize will eventually attend to some kind of bed pest infestation. Suddenly, that expression takes ~ above a whole brand-new significance!