How to store Marinated MeatThe Do’s and also Don’ts that Marinating MeatIf you plan to grill her meat, do include cooking oils through high suggest smoke in your marinade.

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Marinated meat is the many flavorful dish the you can ever whip up! However, the can also be the most time-consuming. After ~ all, part recipes will require you come marinade the meat because that hours. Because of this, a lot of meat lover would tend to marinate several meat slices all at once. They would certainly then refrigerate all the various other slices for future use.

If this is her strategy too, the is crucial that girlfriend determine just how long have the right to you store marinated meat in the fridge. Well, this article will absolutely give friend the answer that you are looking for.

How Long can You save Marinated Meat in the Fridge?

As every the guidelines listed by the United states Department of Agriculture, you deserve to safely consume refrigerated marinated meat because that up to five days.


Aside from this, one an important question the meat lovers room asking is—can you frozen marinated meat? Well, some human being do that, but food experts may no agree through this method. This is since it is not a an excellent idea to re-freeze thawed meat as doing therefore can transform its texture.

But if you setup to marinate her steaks ideal away (without freezing it first then thawing prior to marinating), you deserve to store castle in the freezer (but you need to drainpipe the marinade). While frozen steaks have the right to last because that years, friend should understand the truth that that is flavor and texture may deteriorate beyond nine months.

How to store Marinated Meat

If you desire to your marinated meat to last because that long, that is finest that you practice safety precautions when storing your marinated meat. How you save your marinated meat deserve to also influence their texture and also flavor. Considering every one of these, right here are part tips on how to properly store marinated meat:

Storing Marinated Meat in the Refrigerator

Transfer the marinated meat along with its marinade in one airtight container. Ar it in the coldest area of your refrigerator. Protect against opening the container indigenous time to time to stop bacterial contamination.

Storing Marinated Meat in the Freezer


When save marinated meat in the freezer, your goal have to be to protect against freezer burn and prevent bacterial contamination. To do this, you have to wrap your marinated meat making use of a porous plastic. After that, sheathe the whole plastic in either aluminum foil, freezer bag or any type of sealed plastic bag that is draft to stand up to the harsh temperatures in the freezer.

The Do’s and Don’ts the Marinating Meat

Marinades can include a touch of flavor and pizzazz to your meat dishes—but that is only as soon as it is done right. If excellent wrong, it will not only damage the meat’s flavor—it will likewise hasten the meat’s spoilage which will put all your efforts to waste. To stop that, please store in mental the complying with do’s and don’ts when marinating meat:

Do incorporate an acidic ingredient in your marinade.

This ingredient is important for tenderizing the meat and also to facilitate the proper infusion that flavor right into the meat. Several of the acidic materials that friend can add to your marinade encompass vinegar, wine, citrus juice, buttermilk, and also yogurt.

Do flip your meat a few times come marinate that evenly.

Most recipes would ask you come marinate the meat for at the very least two hours. During this time, it is ideal that you upper and lower reversal the meat come its different sides indigenous time to time. In this way, you are sure the all sides of the meat space evenly marinated.

If you plan to grill your meat, execute include food preparation oils v high suggest smoke in her marinade.

These oils assist the fat tissues to absorb the flavors in the marinade fully. Due to the fact that they have actually high acting points, these are also grill- and also flame- friendly. Some of the high smoke point oils the you can use encompass olive oil, soy oil, canola, peanut, and safflower.


Do marinate the meat in the refrigerator.

You will come across various recipes that will certainly ask you to marinate the meat in ~ room temperature. Execute not monitor that. This is because marinating her meat in room temperature have the right to put your meat in ~ the danger zone. This is the range of temperature inside the bacteria multiply and may result in contamination.

Do boil the marinade prior to using it in food preparation your food.

If you plan on utilizing your marinade in food preparation your food, the is recommended the you boil it an initial to death the bacteria that might be living in it. But if possible, it is recommended the you prepare much more marinade. Division it right into two—one for marinating and one for cooking.

Don’t put in too much salt.

Many world think that the more salt a marinade has, the more flavorful it have the right to be. However, salt has tendency to draw out moisture from the meat, leaving that dry and less juicy. If you want to add salt, you can include it later on after marinating.

Don’t use metal containers as soon as marinating meat.

This is the best no-no once marinating meat. This is due to the fact that the acids in the marinade will certainly react through the steels in the container. This chemistry reaction may adjust the odor of the meat. Instead of using metal containers, go for containers made of food-grade plastic or glass. Friend can also place her meat in heavy-duty plastic bags.

Do no freeze meat in their marinade.

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You can freeze marinated meat, but you must never freeze the meat in its marinade. This is because lengthy exposure to the mountain in the marinade may alter the meat’s texture. It will obtain mushy and also soft—two features you would never ever want your meat to have.

In Summary

How long deserve to you keep marinated meat in the fridge? once refrigerated, your marinated meat deserve to only last for 5 days. Even if that is for sure to eat past that point, it is recommended the you cook it prior to that time simply since marinating meat past that time would change the flavor that you would want to achieve.

It is also an essential that you practice safe marinating measures to ensure the you deserve to take benefit of the maximum shelf life that the marinated meat without having to resolve spoilage and bacterial contamination.