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Could you tell me how long it is safe to keep potato salad out of the refrigerator and also on a picnic table? I have actually been told it is not the mayo or eggs that go poor however something to carry out through the starch in the potato...is that correct?

Once a potato is cooked it must be maintained in the safe zone for temperatures, remember warm food hot and cold food cold. That’s a guideline I learned from my boss on day-one, as soon as I started in the foodservice business, it was right up there through “get the money in the bank” as necessary points to execute once running a restaurant.According to the 2005 FDA Food Code, the peril zone is identified as 41°F - 135°F (5°C - 57°C).Potentially hazardous food have to not be stored at temperatures in this array in order to prevent food borne condition, and also food that remains in this zone for even more than four hours should be discarded. Ask yourself, exactly how long would certainly I save raw eggs or mayonnaise out at room temperature or on a picnic table in 100 level summertime weather?

Your friend is incorrect. The potatoes have a reasonably neutral PH (acid versus alkaline) so they permit the poor stuff to thrive as soon as unrefrigerated. My personal tip is 1/2 hour, yet I normally put potato salad out in a bowl lined via a larger bowl that has ice in it. For transferring a potato salad to an event I have found that the blue ice containers (freezer packs) job-related well. I put it right in the middle of the deepest component of the salad to make sure it continues to be chilled. Chill a cooler and also then put the salad container in that. You have the right to likewise break the quantity of potato salad up into a pair of bowls (what is washing an additional bowl versus someone getting sick?).

With all this negative talk, below is apositive concept for your next potato salad:


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