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Could girlfriend tell me exactly how long it is for sure to keep potato salad the end of the refrigerator and on a picnic table? I have actually been told it is no the mayo or eggs that go bad but other to do with the strength in the potato...is the correct?

Once a potato is cooked it should be maintained in the safe zone because that temperatures, remember hot food hot and also cold food cold. That’s a tip I learned native my ceo on day-one, when I began in the foodservice business, the was ideal up there v “get the money in the bank” as important things come do as soon as running a restaurant.According to the 2005 FDA Food Code, the hazard zone is identified as 41°F - 135°F (5°C - 57°C).Potentially hazardous food should not be stored at temperature in this selection in stimulate to prevent food borne illness, and food that remains in this zone for an ext than four hours must be discarded. Asking yourself, just how long would I store raw egg or mayonnaise out at room temperature or ~ above a picnic table in 100 degree summertime weather?

Your girlfriend is incorrect. The potatoes have a relatively neutral PH (acid matches alkaline) therefore they allow the poor stuff to thrive when unrefrigerated. My personal guideline is 1/2 hour, yet I usually put potato salad out in a bowl lined through a larger bowl that has actually ice in it. For moving a potato salad to an event I have uncovered that the blue ice containers (freezer packs) work-related well. I put it ideal in the center of the deepest part of the salad come make sure it continues to be chilled. Cool a cooler and also then put the salad container in that. Girlfriend can also break the amount of potato salad up into a couple of bowls (what is washing one extra bowl versus someone acquiring sick?).

With all this an unfavorable talk, below is apositive idea for your following potato salad:


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