Better recognized scientifically together Nymphicus hollandicus, the cockatiel is among the most famous pet bird types out there. Not surprising, together these little cockatoos do a good addition to the family! If friend just acquired yours or are looking to obtain one, you can be asking yourself: just how long perform cockatiels live?

The answer to this inquiry depends on numerous factors. Let’s get in the life expectancy of a cockatiel and also how to make sure yours makes it to a ripe old age.

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How lengthy do cockatiels live in the wild?

As disputed in the article around the life that a cockatiel in the wild, the life of a wild cockatiel is not always easy. The lands lock inhabit have the right to be harsh and many flocks should be nomadic in order to discover the food and also water they need to survive. Personal from being swift fliers and also their grey camouflage coloration, cockatiels don’t really have any type of defense against natural predators choose raptors.

Despite the above, cockatiels can actually make it quite lengthy in the wild if circumstances are favorable. The life span of a cockatiel in the wild is 10-15 years, although it can be much less if the bird is unlucky. Many chicks don’t do it to adulthood at all.

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How lengthy do cockatiels live in captivity?

As you might have guessed, captive cockatiels have a far better life expectancy than wild ones. Prior to we comment on their really potential lifespan, though, I’d choose to stress and anxiety that you space the one responsible because that ensuring your cockatiel makes it to a respectable age.

They are totally dependent ~ above the treatment provided, therefore it’s incredibly vital to perform as lot research together you can prior to you get your bird and also to never ever stop wanting to learn once it’s in your care.

A well-cared for cockatiel is a girlfriend that can be about for a very far-ranging chunk of your life. Approximately 15 years must be very attainable offered there space no hereditary defects or ominous accidents. In fact, even 20 come 25 years and up space not unheard of through any means for captive cockatiels!

Considering the above, if you’re thinking about buying a cockatiel best now, make certain that you can offer a stable residence for years to come before including one to her family.

I dove into the Guiness book of human being Records because that this article and also found out that your oldest detailed cockatiel was called Sunshine, lived or stays in new Mexico and got the title in 2016 when he to be 32. If Sunshine is not roughly anymore, he can have to be overtaken by girlfriend Walders the cockatiel, that was 31 in December 2018 and lived or stays in new Zealand.


Life expectations of a cockatiel: contributing factors

Now that we’ve developed the potential life expectations of a cockatiel, let’s move on to the much more important bit: maintaining your bird happy and healthy therefore it can actually live come those impressive ages.

There are numerous factors that influence a cockatiel’s health. Together mentioned previously some room genetic and also you can’t do much about them, however many others space in your hands.

We will certainly divide the determinants that influence the life span of a cockatiel right into diet, maybe the many important, and general care.


As v us humans, a ideal diet is absolutely an important in maintaining a cockatiel happy and healthy. And as with us humans, diet is often unfortunately no approached the means it should. The myth the a cockatiel can flourish on a diet of only dry seed is still an extremely pervasive.

It’s true that seeds make up part of a wild cockatiel’s diet, yet even the kind of particle is various from the dry mixes the you deserve to buy at the pet store. Some seeds will certainly be fresh, others will be partly sprouted.

Then there’s additionally grains, berries and anything the birds deserve to pick turn off a farmer’s fields: they will certainly eat something available, much to the dismay that those who grow crops. Also unlucky insects can find their method into a cockatiel’s beak.

Is the absolutely impossible for a cockatiel come live off simply seeds? No, some of the earliest birds endured on a diet choose this. However the truth is that v a much less fatty and more varied diet, the possibilities of a domestic cockatiel living a lengthy life are simply greater. Your diet doesn’t should be as calorie-rich together that of your wild counterparts either, since they expend less energy daily.

It’s handy to have a high high quality seed mix top top hand and also make that a part of your cockatiel’s diet. Specially formulated pellets can likewise be fed, although neither pellets nor seed should consist of the bulk of what’s in the bird’s food dish. Mimic the natural diet by providing a wide range (though one that is much less calorie rich than wild ‘tiels would certainly get):

Fresh vegetables. Leafy greens room appreciated yet you can shot almost every veg.Some fresh fruits. Apple, berries, mango, and much more will work.Sprouted seeds. Try sprouting bird seed, legumes and much more at house or to buy sprouts.Treats (in moderation). Millet, love husband seed pole and similar snacks can be especially helpful as an inspiration when you’re trying come train her cockatiel.Extras: part unsalted rice, pasta or lentils. Boiled egg, herbs, some garden weeds and even some wild grasses occupational well and can be offered to save the bird busy for hours.

Keep in mind that clean water is of course also crucial to your cockatiel’s health. Ideally you should be offering more than one source, by going because that both a dish and a bottle for example.

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Apart indigenous a an ideal diet, over there are additionally some very important care requirements that need to be maintained in psychic for any type of cockatiel. Crashes can happen easily and also remember that birds are very sensitive come stress, among other things.

Obesity. A differed diet containing numerous veggies is an essential factor in making sure your bird doesn’t happen away prematurely from fat liver disease and various other obesity-related issues. However, friend should additionally be making certain its cage is big enough and also that it gets plenty of chance to fly and also play. Practice is important!Safety. Ns can’t stress sufficient how easy it is for a cockatiel to have actually an accident and also be hurt or even killed. An open window, an unsafe toy… scrutinize and cockatiel-proof everything prior to letting your bird close come it.Stress. This is a huge bird killer, however a slow one that you can not notice. Make sure your cockatiel lives a relaxed life. No children teasing it, lot of of socializing (or a friend) to protect against loneliness and also lots the safe playthings to avoid long-term boredom room all important.Air quality. Cockatiels, like all birds, have really sensitive respiratory systems. The room that your bird’s cage is in need to be totally free of fumes at any type of times. These can not be what girlfriend expect: non-stick pans emit attention fumes, as do candles. Other typical culprits room cigarette smoke, waiting freshener and perfume. Vet inspect ups. Your cockatiel have to be confirm by one avian vet at the very least when you acquire it and also whenever anything shows up wrong. Ideally, you need to visit her vet semi-regularly for a check-up. Remember, birds space very good at hiding that anything could be wrong and also when girlfriend finally find out the might currently be too late! additionally have a bird emergency kit in your very own home.

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How old is my cockatiel?

If you currently have a cockatiel and also are wondering just how much longer you might be able to enjoy that presence, it’s helpful to know just how old the bird is.

When buying your ‘tiel, make certain to ask in ~ the pets store, together they might be able to give you a rough estimate. Buying indigenous a breeder gives you even more security, as they will know specifically when the bird hatched.

If your ar of purchase was unhelpful in telling you noþeles of value around your cockatiel’s age, you can get lucky in rare instances if it’s ringed. The foot ring should usually have a password that you have the right to use to number out when the bird hatched. Additionally, if it’s a bird from a pets store, it’s usually fairly safe to assume the the bird is much less than a year old.

If you embraced your bird indigenous someone else or desire to be much more precise in determining its age but don’t have a breeder or ring to provide you any kind of pointers, you’re in a difficult spot uneven you’re a trained professional yourself. If the bird is under two years old there space some tiny clues the might help you out; over that it’s going to be next to difficult to decide a cockatiel’s age.

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A young male cockatiel before its first molt will actually look like a female: its face will it is in grey instead of the usual yellow that adult males sport. This molt wake up after around six months.Young cockatiels will generally not have the ability to sing very clearly or at all (it’s greatly the males that create tunes). Males won’t start showing courting behavior until they’re around six month old and also females usually come to be broody for the first time at approximately a year. If you’re really experienced you might have the ability to use the illustration of the bird’s feet and also face as unstable indicators, despite the differences are exceptionally subtle.

If you have any more questions around the life expectations of a cockatiel or want to re-superstructure your very own experiences v these exciting mini cockatoos, don’t hesitation to leave a comment below. ?

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