If you are going to a concert, it’s vital to know how long that lasts so that you can setup appropriately. Some concerts room short, some room long, but most concerts are about the same size on average. How long carry out concerts last?

Concerts generally last from 90 minutes to 2 hours. Over there is also usually a 20-minute intermission in the middle of the concert. The length of a concert depends on the popular of the band or artist, the number of performers ~ above the program, and also the type of venue.

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90 minutes to 2 hrs is around the average length of all types of concerts, including rock, pop, rap, EDM, classical, jazz, etc. Festival concerts often tend to last longer, approximately 4 hours.

Read on come learn much more about just how long concert last and also the components that determine how long castle last.

How long Do concert Last?

While the average length of concert is 1.5 to 2 hours, they can last much longer if there are number of artists and also bands i m sorry are had in the program. If each artist or band takes 45 minutes to one hour of stage time, the concert will certainly last much longer.

Also, if there are multiple artists, the prepare time for each artist will certainly add around 15 come 30 minute to the total concert time. The concert stage has minimal space to accommodate every the gear of the participating bands. 

At one concert I recently went to, the opening artist continued to be on phase to jam v the featured artist. Then once the concert headliner came on stage, the an initial two artists stayed about to jam with him. That display took around 4 hrs from beginning to end. This to be unusually long because of all the equipment collection up and takedown.

If it’s an out concert in an city area, it generally won’t last also late into the evening based upon noise laws.

One example of this was as soon as Bruce Springsteen walk a concert in Hyde Park, London; he went past the curfew the 11:00 p.m. He was joined in ~ the encore by none other than Paul McCartney, that sang number of songs. However, after 10 to 15 minute of the curfew deadline, the present organizers traction the plug, upsetting hundreds of fans that the 2 music icons.

Factors that Determine just how Long concert Last


The term of a details concert counts on a the majority of factors. Right here are few of these factors:

Artist or Band

It might be a rock band, a solo singer, a rapper, a singing group, one opera group, or a symphony orchestra. Each of this acts has its own specific duration. The length of time is largely influenced by the type of music they space playing.

For example, Willie Nelson, a folk singer, normally takes two hrs to song his very first and last song. With bands the require set changes, two and also a fifty percent hours would certainly be the average.

Popularity the the Artist or Band

The yes, really time that the concert will additionally depend on how famous the tape is. If they are a really well-known band that has actually sold millions of records, the concert might take two, three, or even four hours. However if that is a band the is trying to break right into the large league, one hour and a fifty percent would most likely be too long.

Number of Bands or Artists

The much more artists in the program, the longer the concert will certainly be. If there are several bands or artists detailed in your program, the concert will take much more than two hrs to finish. The setup of each artist and also the break in between each action will include up to the really duration the the concert.

Type the Venue

If the performance takes location in a famous concert hall, it is likely the concert will certainly last around 2.5 hours. Yet if the is in a little venue favor a coffee shop lounge, or a hotel restaurant, an artist will generally play or song for one hour or so.

Time the Concert Starts

If you are attending a classical concert, wherein opening and closing times are more strictly observed, you can expect to continue to be in the concert hall for no more than 2 hours, depending upon the actual length of the opera or the timeless concert.

However, in absent concerts, where starting times space not strictly observed, you might spend more than the allotted time. Some rock artists are known to it is in latecomers. Over there could additionally be some technical obstacles or much longer setup times.

Approximate length of Time for Various varieties of Concerts

The time a concert lasts usually varies based on the form of music gift performed. Below I’ll list exactly how long concert last because that different species of music:

Rock Concerts

Rock concerts generally last about three hours from beginning to end. The time the absent concert lasts is based upon the number of bands that will play, the size of the songs they will certainly sing, and the division in between their performances.

For first come, first serve seating concerts, as soon as a famous rock concert is reserved to begin at 7:00 p.m. You have to be over there at 6:30 at the latest, or girlfriend will find yourself close to the back rows – uneven you have paid because that a choice seat or room in the concert arena. 

There space some concerts the have more than one opened act. This will certainly make the concert last much longer than usual. If there are three opening bands, through 30 minute each, that would certainly be one and a half hours total. That does no even include the setup time because that all their gear. 

And then the headliner tape goes top top stage. If castle play for around an hour and a half, or even two hours, that would certainly make the concert end three hours long. Need to the band and also the group hit it right, the band can do number of encores before they to speak goodbye. That would make it also longer than 3 hours.

John Meyer and Ed Sheeran

Rap Concerts

How lengthy a lab concert will last relies on countless factors. Many often, a lab concert will feature numerous artists. The MC will certainly also influence the expression of the entirety concert due to the fact that they space the one that controls that goes on stage and when. The average would be about 2 hours.

Most rap concerts have actually several DJs. There room times as soon as the headliner brings follow me their very own DJ. The DJs or the MC will certainly open and run the concert. The opening artist will have a set number of songs. Songs with different tempos and breaks between songs will affect how long each set will last.

If there are several opening acts, girlfriend will have actually to add their very own times come the whole concert. Then the key headliner rapper will certainly go onstage. The or she will sing several numbers, which can be much more than what the opening artists have actually given. If they have actually their own record label, they may bring along other rappers from the document company.

Jazz Concerts

When Earl Klugh gave a concert in Indonesia in ~ the Java Jazz Festival in 2013, he played for one and a fifty percent hours prior to he bade goodbye come his audience. At least that’s the moment that was shown by the video of the event:

The video recording of his concert indicated that he play 12 numbers in all. He may have actually played an ext music, but they were not all included in the video. So, Earl might have played much more than one and also a half hours. Easily, with some encores, he could have maintained the audience engaged and bring the jazz concert to the 2-hour mark.

Classical Concerts

A classic concert will last about one and also a fifty percent hours. Timeless pieces are generally long, so a timeless concert might not be an ext than 3 renditions of classical music pieces. Many symphony orchestras function only two timeless pieces in one concert.

On average, timeless concerts critical 2 hours. But that may incorporate the intermission. The really time will depend on the details classical piece or concerto to be play by the symphony orchestra or the concert pianist. 

Operas additionally take a lengthy time to finish from begin to finish. Part last for more than two hours. Operettas or lighter version of operas are much shorter in duration. They deserve to take indigenous one hour to an hour and a half. Luciano Pavarotti commonly entertained his fans because that one hour or so.

Festival Concerts

Festival concerts room the longest of all concerts because they are not simply done in one day, however for numerous days. Woodstock, a famous festival concert, was hosted from Aug. 15 to Aug. 18, 1969, in Bethel, brand-new York. The most well-known rock bands the those days performed at this concert. It was top-billed through Jimi Hendrix, that closed the concert with some of his avant-garde songs.

Today, many festival concerts last for about four hours. If the show consists of too countless acts, it have the right to last for one entirety day. In festival concerts, there possibly two or three opening acts. They will certainly take native 45 minute to one and also a half hours. The main act will generally last more than 2 hours.

We’ve looked at how long concerts critical on average, currently let’s have some fun and look in ~ the shortest and longest concert ever.

The Shortest and Longest concerts Ever

Shortest concerts:

The shortest concert ever before performed in current times is the of the White Stripes in Newfoundland, Canada, on July 16, 2007. They showed up on the outdoor stage of the venue. They played a single note climate took a bow. The full concert it s long 50 seconds.

The team submitted your feat come Guinness to claim their human being record. Guinness briefly well-known their feat yet scrapped it later, speak it was also trivial.

Bruce Springsteen play the shortest concert of his life at the expect Estate Vineyard in Hunter’s Valley. It took him only approximately nine minute to play some of his well-known cover songs.

Longest concerts:

Chile Gonzales on may 16, 2009, at the Cine 13 Theatre, Paris – 27 hours.

For around 27 hours, the Canadian pianist entertained his audience because that 27 hours and 44 seconds. He played 300 songs and also gave anecdotes throughout the concert. Did that or his audience ever before sleep during the concert?

Live aid on July 13, 1985 – 16 hours.

There are 75 live performances in Live Aid. The complete concert totaled 16 hours after all the bands had played. The occasion was organized to carry out aid to Africa’s starving children.

Grateful Dead Concert on Dec. 31, 1978, to Jan. 1, 1979, at the Winterland Ballroom – 6 hours

The thankful Dead play 36 songs, and most the them room not brief ones. This concert it s long for approximately six hours.

Conclusion – how Long execute Concerts Last?

If you are going to a concert, it’s crucial to know exactly how long they critical so that you can plan appropriately. How long do concerts last?

Concerts typically last from 90 minute to 2 hours. Over there is additionally usually a 20-minute intermission in the middle of the concert. The size of a concert counts on the popular of the band or artist, the number of performers top top the program, and the kind of venue.

90 minutes to 2 hours is around the average length of all types of concerts, consisting of pop, rock, rap, EDM, jazz, classical, etc. Festival concerts often tend to critical longer.

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You now recognize what to intend for any upcoming concert you may be attending or organizing. In the end, if the pan love the music, castle will desire to go as lengthy as possible.