One the the pleasures of getting ready because that a tennis complement is cracking open a new canister the tennis balls. Girlfriend can obtain a bit an ext zip on your shots and attain a greater bounce on her serves to save your enemies further earlier in the court.

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However, at the same time tennis balls deserve to be equallyfrustrating.They shed their bounce and become dead quite conveniently rendering them almost useless because that matches (although you can usually still practice with them)In this article, stop look at exactly how long tennis balls last and when you need to replace them, how easily they start to lose their bounce, how you have the right to make them last longer and what you can do v them as soon as they’re not an ideal for matches any type of more.For to chat use, a fresh deserve to of tennis balls have to be fine because that a couple of hours that play. That method they need to be ok for a couple of matches, offering you use them over the course of a week or two. For competitive players, girlfriend really desire a brand-new set of tennis balls every match.
Contents1 Why do tennis balls shed their bounce?2 How quickly does a tennis ball shed its bounce?3 how do you recognize when a tennis ball needs to replaced?3.1 Bounce3.2 Squeeze3.3 Sound3.4 lack of feel or fuzz on the ball4 exactly how long perform tennis balls last unopened?5 just how to make tennis balls last longer?5.1 Pressureless tennis balls.6 What can you execute with old tennis balls?7 FAQs8 additional Resources

Why execute tennis balls lose their bounce?

Tennis balls are kept in pressurized containers i m sorry preserves the pressure inside the ball. Yet once the seal is broken, the push is progressively lost inside the tennis ball.
This happens normally over time, i m sorry is why if you open up a brand-new canister that tennis balls and also don’t even use them for a while, they will have already lost some of their bounce as soon as you play v them in a game.The pressure inside the ball will escape even faster throughout a match as it hits the ground and also comes into contact with a tennis racket. The harder friend hit the ball, much more pressure is lost, which is why experienced players may have actually a couple of ball alters during a match.

How quickly does a tennis ball lose its bounce?

For many players, a brand-new can the balls should be fine for a bestof 3 sets match but they will begin to shed their bounce after just a fewgames.As skilled players hit the round harder climate recreational players, you’ll check out them transforming to a brand-new set the balls every 9 games.
That’s why it’s constantly seen as an advantage to serve firstafter the umpire announces “New balls please”. That extra bounce will certainly make itharder because that the receiver to obtain the ball back in play.

How carry out you know when a tennis ball needs to replaced?


This is the most apparent factor. Girlfriend can discover this out justby dropping a tennis round on the court and also seeing just how well it bounces. If you’reunsure if it’s tho ok to use in a match, compare it through a brand-new ball andcheck.If that bounces just a little lower 보다 a new ball, you’re probablyok, yet if it’s substantially worse, just toss it to one side and only use it forpracticing.


Try squeezing the tennis round in the palm of your hand. If you can compress the sides of the ball an extremely easily, it’s probably dead and not fit for use any more. A new ball will certainly hardly provide at all once you squeeze that in her hand.


This is a small trickier to choose up on. A dead tennis ballwill have a an extremely dull thud sound as soon as you make call with it v yourracquet, unequal a new one which have much more of a ping as soon as you struggle it.

Lack of feeling or fuzz ~ above the ball

Take a look at a brand-new tennis ball. You’ll watch that felt caneasily come off it. An larger tennis sphere will have actually worn patches on it and feela lot of smoother.

How long do tennis balls last unopened?

As they are kept in a pressurized can, they do last a longtime in an unopened canister.However, one renowned misconception is the the balls will last indefinitely. This no the case, as air have the right to still leak over time. For many tennis balls (in an unopened can) they have a shelf life of around 2 years.

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How to make tennis balls critical longer?

If you uncover it frustrating acquiring through new canisters oftennis balls every week, the only means to do them last much longer is to mitigate howquickly they shed their pressure.If you interested there’s a product dubbed Pressureball i beg your pardon is essentially a soft tube you have the right to put supplied balls in, save them in ~ 14 PSI, which is the same pressure as in one unopened canister. That a handy little product which dramatically increases the size of time you have the right to use tennis balls, till the felt starts to wear out).
Other 보다 that, there’s not a totality lot you deserve to do.I came throughout a subject on Tennis Warehouse about storing tennis balls in the freezer together a means to mitigate the lose of press inside the balls. However, the consensus over over there is the it doesn’t really work