And as most of united state on here grow our own, i am talking good quality buds and good strain.I don"t think i have ever before had something as great as what i am growing now, plus i don"t acting much. So i am going to say an ounce will certainly last me around 2 to 2.5 months.The just reason i ask is farming your very own is fucking hard work, and also I wonder if world on below just smoke every that difficult work far in much less than a month (assuming an at home grower it s okay 4-5 ounces a plant)

An ounce provided to critical me a week. But keep in mind, ns was hanging out with numerous people, loading bowl after bowl....Ever due to the fact that my brother quit smoking cigarettes (my key smoking buddy around these parts) mine bud has actually been lasting me a lot of longer. An ounce might probably last me 2 weeks or more....Less if i go out and also blaze anyone out.

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DAMN!!! i don"t need lot to obtain high, one eighth critical me a month to month-and-a-half. Therefore a full OZ would certainly be.......8-9 months!!!


i agree v wikid, when I chill with every one of main friends back in the day we would certainly go through alotta weed.. Because when your with a group of people, its temptation to store rolling or pack bowls..Now its every different. A oz that usually continues to be in my residence last me around a month.. Ever due to the fact that friends thrived apart or visited jail, I have actually been smoking with friends in ~ my house or theres..either means i enjoy just how much I acquire a ounce of Konbud because that 260..and then not concern for a good period of time.people the say lock go v a ounce in a main is fine well as somthing stupid to say as soon as they concerned my residence expecting me to smoke lock i constantly say "you go with a ounce of everyone elses bud in a week"

heh relies on exactly how into smoking cigarettes I am for the time.. Might be a couple days.. Could be a week, can be a month.
i smoke around 3-7 g aday so i think one oc will last me around 4-5 dayz but i to be cuttin down i smoke when every 2-3 dayz
the wife smoke 3 times as much as me---I"m a lightweight
-I use to exhilaration a shitload v friends.(it was nothing to burn with a 4 minutes 1 in a night) I usage to go for the strongest shit I can find-now it"s more about the taste/smell/appearance/quality-a an excellent joint will last me a couple of days(smoking only at night) the wife smokes an 1/8th every couple of days. The instance were in currently is good due come the truth we obtain to try a lot of of different strains.

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well anywhere between a week and a 3 weeks.and if ns go fishing for the weekend, ns can acquire through 1/2 come an oz in a weekendThink i need to cut down? lol
I don"t know just how long one oz lasts now because I don"t to buy anymore and I don"t weigh my own yet it provided to last a month maybe?
An ounce will most likely last me about 6 weeks. I choose conserving mine bud. Mostly due to the fact that im cheap and havent had actually a grow going yet. However I bet once I start growing i"ll be smoking cigarettes an oz in 2 weeks haha.
1 ounce=3-4 weeksusuallybut yes always certain occasions wherein you cud blaze a Z in one night through a coule friends