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If her pregnant, I would be weary of possible listeria monocytogenes that can thrive in seafood. Tuna is normally kept in room temperature (canned tuna). If part mutant strain of listeria made it through the canning procedure and you finished up refrigerating the tuna, you can possibly be creating an an ideal environment because that growth and also that would certainly suck. Worst case, you operation a high fever however you could loosened your baby, the is if her pregnant,
I believed the large concern with tuna was mercury, not listeriosis?Either way...if the smells ok, it"s most likely ok.
i would certainly say,from experience,5 work max!warm it up on the stove,in a fire resitant pan,not the plastic container,loladd part louisana hot sauce, it will kill any type of germs, not killed by the heat,and then you will have Cajun casserole!
Originally post by: JzeroI thought the large concern v tuna to be mercury, no listeriosis?Either way...if the smells ok, it"s probably ok.

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that too, actually, ns would more than likely be more concerned v botulinium as soon as it comes under to canend tuna. Mutant listeria is tough to find.

Thank quality I"m not pregnenat. Jusy finished eating part Kraft dinner with caned tunas in it.:lips:
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