Visit both Miami and Orlando in one trip

Planning a Florida vacation and also want to watch it all? when Miami has actually the best beaches,hottest nightlife, world-renown society and an unlimited variety ofthings to do, Orlando is undeniably the theme park funding of the world. Whether you are driving down from north Florida or Georgia or paris in Internationally, you will want to know just how to obtain to Miami from Orlando to really reap the finest of what Florida needs to offer.

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The street fromOrlando to Miami is only 250 mile (or 400 kilometers), therefore it's really quick and also easy to obtain from one to the other. Here are a few ways come travel type Miami to Orlando that will gain you enjoyingthe diversity Miami needs to offer in no time.

Rent a Car

Rent a Car

When renting a car, you have several options:

1. Round-trip rental (start in one city, drive to the next and also then end up up in your original destination).


2. One-way rental (pick increase the automobile in one city and also drop it turn off in the next; this is useful if for example, you are flying into Miami because that the very first leg of her trip and then flying out of Orlando).

It’s a little more complicated if you room going to book a one-way vehicle rental since not every company offers this form of service. Your ideal option is to rent a auto at the Miami global Airport and then return it in ~ the Orlando global Airport. The complying with rental automobile companies carry out this option:

As us mentioned, the distance is roughly 250 mile (or 400 kilometers) between the cities. ~ above average, the trip takes anywhere from 3.5 come 4.5 hours, depending upon traffic and also how often you stop for gas and also food. During highly traveled times of the year (like holidays or feather break), the trip can take a little bit longer, so plan accordingly.

The quickest route has taking the Florida Turnpike and there room tolls you need to pay because that on this road. On average it costs between $10 and $15, depending on your starting and ending points. The Florida Turnpike collection tolls electronically and it’s not possible to pay through cash. Make sure you inquire v your rental company and questioning them around how they bill for those tolls. Plenty of companies work directly with SunPass, Florida’s digital prepaid tolls program and will invoice you after your trip. Some suppliers will carry out you through a portable SunPass transponder, if others currently include them inside the vehicles. Additionally, along some parts of the path SunPass has the capacity to track license plates and also bill every vehicle.


Take a Bus indigenous Miami to Orlando

Offering a an ext affordable option, particularly for solo travelers or couples, bus companies also offer transportation in between both cities. RedCoach USA uses both company class and very first class bus organization from the Miami worldwide Airport to Orlando. The bus additionally makes numerous stops in between the two cities at assorted gas stations whereby food is obtainable for purchase. There is a single restroom on board and also most the the buses offer free Wi-Fi. Tickets start at approximately $15 a person and also go increase from there, depending upon the time of year and whether friend opt for service class or very first class.

Megabus supplies comfortable dual decker bus organization from the Miami Intermodal center (MIC - close to the Miami worldwide Airport) to Orlando’s Orange flower Center. The bus likewise makes stops in between the two cities whereby food is easily accessible for purchase. Over there is a single restroom ~ above board and also most the the buses offer cost-free Wi-Fi. Tickets begin at around $25 a person. Megabus does sell promotions with deeply discounted fares, subscribe on the website to obtain notices.

Hop top top a Train

Ride a Train or Passenger Rail

Soon travelers will be able to ride a passenger rail in between Miami and Orlando. Although it’s currently under construction, plans space underway because that a train company called Brightline. The company, own by Florida East coast Industries, will administer transportation indigenous Miami come Orlando through intermediate station in ft Lauderdale and also West Palm Beach. The path from south Florida come Orlando will take about three hours.

Amtrak uses rail service in between Miami and also Orlando. Ticket prices and also duration vary depending upon the format of train. For example coach seats begin at roughly $49 every person and premium seat (including a bed come sleep on) start approximately $163 every person. The pilgrimage duration deserve to take anywhere between five and eight hours, depending on the train.


Take a Taxi or Shuttle

It’s feasible to take it a taxi service between the cities of Orlando and Miami, however it more than likely is not your most economical choice. Usage a website favor Taxi Fare Finder to research study the price of transportation to her destination. For example, it would likely cost more than $600 for a taxi to take it you native the Orlando global Airport to the Miami global Airport. And that fare might rise depending upon time and also traffic.

There are likewise companies that offer shuttle service between the 2 cities. For example, Florida spaceship Transportation supplies both one-way and also round-trip exclusive shuttle service. For between one and also five passenger the expense of a expedition would start at about $445 and also go up depending upon the variety of people and also time of year.


Book a Flight

If you paris in an airplane between Orlando and Miami, it only takes around one hour while you’re increase in the air and also this is most likely your quickest option. You’ll prevent traffic top top the highways, back you’ll still must prepare for sufficient time to acquire through airport security. Together is the instance anytime you pick to fly, the price of flights deserve to vary greatly relying on the time that year, as well as the brand of the carrier and how far in breakthrough you publication the trip.

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We hope you reap the best of both cities. And to assist figure out whereby to stay, dine and play in Orlando, inspect out