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Question: Doesn’t 2 Peter 3:8 suggest that the job of might not be literal, yet thousands of years long?

Answer: 2 Peter 3:8–9 reads:

‘But perform not forget this one thing, dear friends: through the lord a job is choose a thousands years, and a thousand years are like a day. The mr is not sluggish in maintaining his promise, together some recognize slowness. The is patient with you, no wanting anyone come perish, however everyone to come to repentance.’

The an initial thing to note that the context has actually nothing to do v the job of Also, it is not defining a day due to the fact that it doesn’t speak ‘a work is a thousand years’. The correct knowledge is acquired from the context—the Apostle Peter’s readers need to not shed heart since God appears slow in ~ fulfilling His promises because He is patient, and likewise because that is no bound by time as we are.

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The text claims ‘one day is like as> a thousand years’—the native ‘like’ (or ‘as’) reflects that it is a number of speech, called a simile, to teach the God is exterior of time (because that is the Creator the time itself). In fact, the figure of decided is so effective in that is intended target precisely since the job is literal and contrasts therefore vividly with 1000 years—to the eternal Creator the time, a short duration of time and a long duration of time may too be the same.

The reality that the passage is actually contrasting a short and long duration can be displayed by the fact that Peter is quoting Psalm 90:4 (Peter’s statement ‘do not forget’ means that his readers were meant to recall something, and also this passage has this really teaching). This reads:

‘For a thousand year in your sight are choose a work that has just unable to do by, or choose a watch in the night.’

This is synonymous parallelism, whereby a long period of a thousand year is contrasted through two short periods: a day, and a night watch. However those who try to usage this verse to teach the the work of Genesis might be 1000 years long forget the additional component in bold. For if they were consistent, castle would have to say the a clock in the night right here also means 1000 years. It’s difficult to imagine that a Psalmist (Psalm 63:6) is reasoning on his bed for hundreds of years or the his eyes stay open for countless years (Psalm 119:148).

The immediate context that the Psalm is the frailty of mere mortal guy in comparison come God. This verse amplifies the teaching, saying that no matter just how long a time expression is indigenous man’s time-bound perspective, it’s prefer a twinkling of an eye indigenous God’s eternal perspective.

In any case, the definition of ‘day’ in Genesis 1 is characterized by the context there—the Hebrew word because that day, yôm יום , is offered with the indigenous ‘evening’ and also ‘morning’, and also the days are numbered (first day, second day, etc.). Anytime yôm is used in such a context, the is always an simple day, never a long period of time.

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The definition of the work of production as simple days is additionally affirmed by Exodus 20:8–11, whereby God told the Israelites to work for 6 days and also rest ~ above the seventh due to the fact that God had made all points in 6 days and also rested top top the seventh. For an ext information, see other posts in Q&A: Genesis under ‘Days the’.