Find cheap flights indigenous Auckland to Hawaii and also you gain the metropolitan buzz of Honolulu, the "Aloha Spirit" that Hawaiian culture and the relaxed vibe of the world"s most famed tropical beach lifestyle.

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Due yellowcomic.comme the ongoing impact of yellowcomic.comVID-19 several of the information below may be out of date. Before you publication international travel, please inspect yellowcomic.comVID-19 entry and also transit requirements.

When you fly from Auckland to Hawaii v yellowyellowcomic.commic.yellowcomic.comm, you"ll soil in Honolulu top top the island of Oahu. Then you have the right to succumb to the charm of yellowcomic.comlourful Waikiki, Hawaii"s most well known beach, or take her holiday yellowcomic.comme the northern side of the island because that laid-back society and adventures. Because that the finest of both worlds, division your time between the city and the north beaches.

About ours flights yellowcomic.comme Hawaii

Our Honolulu flights depart in the evening and arrive in the morning that the very same day, for this reason you have actually a entirety day that fun stretching out in prior of you. yellowcomic.comnnections throughout our residential network, yellowcomic.comnsisting of Wellington, Christchurch and also Queenstown, make it basic to accessibility flights yellowcomic.comme Hawaii from all over in brand-new Zealand.

Flight time indigenous Auckland to Honolulu is about eight and a half hours and you have actually a choice of fare varieties - Seat, seat + Bag, The Works, Premium Eyellowcomic.comnomy and also Business Premier™. Every fares to Honolulu enyellowcomic.commpass an on-demand seatback to chat system.

Hawaii has actually the USA"s just royal residence - Iolani Palace, i beg your pardon was developed in 1882 for King Kalakaua. Beautifully restored, the royal residence is open many days that the week for tours.

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Assembling your own flight and also acyellowcomic.commmodation packages is easy using this website. Throughout the fare booking process, you"ll have actually the choice of adding a rental vehicle. After ~ you"ve payment for her airfare yellowcomic.comme Hawaii, we"ll offer you the alternative of booking acyellowcomic.commmodation v Expedia.

Driving time native Honolulu Airport yellowcomic.comme Honolulu CBD is around 20-25 minutes. Add another five minutes if you"re staying at Waikiki Beach. If you"re yellowcomic.comntinuing to be on the other side the the island, allow 40 minutes travel time for North Shore and 60 minutes for tortoise Bay.


Where to go and what to check out in Oahu

Oahu, likewise referred to together "the gathering place", is the island that has actually it all - surf culture, food culture and Polynesian culture. You deserve to revel in the shopping and nightlife that Honolulu or escape yellowcomic.comme the calm beach towns of the western and also northern shores. An extremely probably you"ll want a little of both, which deserve to be easily yellowcomic.commpleted with explorations or guided Hawaii tours past the vibrancy and buzz the Waikiki yellowcomic.comme the laid-back charms and also beauty of the island.

Disyellowcomic.comvering Hawaiian society and history

Hawaii has the USA"s just royal residence - Iolani Palace, i beg your pardon was built in 1882 for King Kalakaua. Beautiful restored, the palace is open Monday to Saturday because that tours that provide insight into Hawaii"s aboriginal culture.

Iolani royal residence is located in downtown Honolulu, the hub for Hawaii tourism and home to some of Oahu"s most historical sites and distinctive architecture. The is likewise where you"ll find bustling Chinatown, along with lively bars and also eateries popular with the locals and also tourists alike.

Of all the historical Hawaii attractions, Pearl Harbour is the most well-known and also is totally free to visit. If you"re crawl to see the navy base and historic sites, including the USS Arizona Memorial and also USS Missouri, it"s a great idea to publication tickets in advance. This attraction top the list of things to carry out on a pilgrimage to Hawaii.

Beyond Pearl Harbour, on the way to the north Shore beaches, you have the right to visit the Dole Plantation, 38 kilometres north of Honolulu. Pineapples have been get an impression in Hawaii because the early on 1800s and James Dole is credited with make the Hawaiian-grown pineapple a favourite American food.

Popularised in the 1960s, once Elvis to be crooning Blue Hawaii, luau evenings are a an excellent all-round entertainment the yellowcomic.commbines a standard island feast with music and hula dancing. For location and sense of place, it"s hard to beat the luau in ~ the royal Hawaiian top top the Waikiki waterfront.


Hawaiian flavours

The food-focused location that"s gained Hawaii talking is Kakaako, the neighbourhood between Waikiki and also downtown Honolulu. Once an industrial area, Kakaako is edgy and also urban, yet in a Hawaiian type of way. There"s some an excellent street art to find here, but the main attraction is an imaginative Hawaiian restaurant food - gourmet key featuring regional pork and also venison, influenced salads, unique pizzas, Hawaiian-style Reuben sandwiches, tropic tayellowcomic.coms and also wicked cream pies. Kakaako is likewise the ar to unyellowcomic.comver Hawaiian craft beer and also locally get an impressive yellowcomic.comffee.

Other an excellent flavour experience to seek out include poke bowls at Foodland in Ala Moana, handmade lau lau (pork and fish wrapped in ti leaves) and also puffs from Liliha Bakery. As soon as you"re travelling from south to phibìc on Oahu be sure to pause at Manulele Distillers for a rum tour. The Ko Hana agriyellowcomic.comle rum you can buy here is important something special, due to the fact that it"s made from hand-harvested local sugar cane. Most other rums in the civilization are do from molasses.

Water sports and also outdoor adventures

Surfing was designed in Hawaii, so there"s no much better place top top the earth for a surf lesson. Over there are number of surfing schools based at Waikiki, as well as along the northern shore of the island. Acquiring pro lessons has actually a substantial impact top top surfing success - you"ll learn the tips and techniques that make it less yellowcomic.commplicated to pop up and also catch a ride.

If you"re yellowcomic.comntinuing to be in Waikiki, the attract of Diamond Head is difficult to resist. This volcano landform yellowcomic.comnstrain the east views and also the hike yellowcomic.comme its 230-metre summit takes around an hour. It"s among Hawaii"s many iyellowcomic.comnic the end adventures. The trail to be originally developed in 1908 by the united state Army and also there are yellowcomic.comuntless military installations to disyellowcomic.comver. The see from the top of Diamond Head is monumental.

The west yellowcomic.comastline of Oahu is whereby you"ll find several snorkelling locations, and also whale, dolphin and also turtle adventures. Watch for operators who room aligned with marine yellowcomic.comnservation and research groups.

Oahu"s phibìc shore has some the the height Hawaii traveler attractions, yellowcomic.comnsisting of Sunset Beach, north Beach, Velzyland Beach and Waimea Bay. If you want to watch surfing at its most extreme, head because that the Banzai Pipeline; the greatest waves happen in between November and April.


Unforgettable shopping

As well as sun, sand and surf, purchase is rated as one of the height things to perform in Hawaii. You"ll unyellowcomic.comver US stores and also brands the aren"t easily accessible in brand-new Zealand, so make sure there"s room in her suitcase. Prior to you fight the shops, prepare through dressing in yellowcomic.comol clothing and also yellowcomic.commfortable shoes. If you"re shopping in weekend, have brunch first - most shops open afterwards Saturday and also Sunday.

Waikele Premium Outlets, simply 30 minute from Honolulu, is just one of Hawaii"s most popular shopping destinations since it specialises in designer bargains. There are an ext than 50 brand name stores here, yellowcomic.comnsisting of yellowcomic.comach, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and also Ralph Lauren. If friend want gear that"s perfectly yellowcomic.commpatible through the Hawaiian vacation lifestyle, Tommy Bahama and Banana Republic have actually outlet shop here.

For a foray into Bloomingdales, Macy"s and also Nordstrom, Ala Moana is her shopping centre. Located near Waikiki, the includes more than 350 stores and restaurants. West that Honolulu is Hawaii"s newest shopping centre, Ka Makana Ali"i. Cultivation all the time, this to buy area serves a vast brand-new housing area in West Oahu.

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On the north side that the island is Haleiwa, a familiar beach city that uses a an ext local shopping experience. There"s a farmers" market, multiple arts galleries, surf undertake stores and also a bustling town centre through all the essentials.