8 little bit all the way. In truth - both the Atari 2600 and also the NES usage 6502 processors. The Atari"s is simply a expense reduced variation (the 6507) the is the same in every means - other than it lacks the upper address pins. So, the 6507 have the right to only address 8k of full memory. The cartridge slot deserve to only attend to 4k of the memory space. The remainder is offered for the Atari"s internal RAM (128bytes), the TIA, the RIOT, etc.

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Yep, 6507 deserve to only deal with 4k w/o bank switching. Bit levels through the 2600 have constantly been 8-bit. The Inty was 16-bit btw, not to burst girlfriend bubble.


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Kinda/sorta 16 bit. Officially it"s a 16 little CPU however has 10 little bit hardware support...


The registers in the CPU are 16 bit but the instruction collection and carts space 10 bits wide.


When i think 8-bit ns think Atari, 2600 or Atari 800 series, Nintendo is 8-bit but doesnt really involved mind together it came so much later on. Generational i suppose.

Kinda/sorta 16 bit. Officially it"s a 16 bit CPU yet has 10 little hardware support...


The registers in the CPU space 16 bit however the instruction collection and carts space 10 bits wide.

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So? The 8088 has an 8-bit bus, however everyone still think of it together a 16-bit CPU.


The CP1610 will certainly happily execute native 16-bit wide ROM and make use of 16-bit broad immediates and 16-bit displacements top top branch instructions and read/write 16-bit data in 16-bit broad RAM. The 10-bit opcodes are a clever hack despite to save expense on mass developed ROMs. Room Patrol actually uses a 16-bit broad ROM and makes usage of the handful of extra cycles it offers you by not having to check out 16-bit data from two consecutive ROM locations. (I essential every bicycle I could get.) Arnauld Chevallier"s games also use 16-bit vast ROM. There"s no benefit to restricting ourselves come 10 bits anyway.


The Atari 2600, though, is thoroughly 8 bit, together is the NES. The much faster instruction price of the 6502 / 6507 for register-register ops renders up for the narrow ALU width much of the time. The dearth of registers (ie. Relying greatly on the zero web page in lieu of actual registers) bring the instruction rate earlier down despite for complex code. *shrug*